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  1. Branincline


    I am trying to download mods through a3launcher and it will go about 10 mins then crash and all it says is there was an error occured
  2. Branincline

    Cant join some servers

    I just looked through the forumes and could not find the solution to my problem. Please help. i can only join servers that ONLY have the exile mod installed and most of them only have like 10 ppl on them and i want to join servers lick US CHERNARUS server but idk what to download and where to download it from. If you know a vid/website that can help me please send me the link and it will be very much appreciated
  3. Branincline

    Cant join some servers

    This doesnt really help me that much, could you give me a more specific instruction on what to do?
  4. Branincline

    Cant join some servers

    How do i do this, and where is this located?
  5. Branincline

    Cant join some servers

    I can join some servers with lower populations, but when i look at the bottom right hand corner, the only one green is "@exilemod" and when i try to join a server it loads for about 10 seconds, then takes me back to the server list screen. Someone help me please