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  1. Emton

    Is Exile dead ?

    You should give it a like for that
  2. If you haven't already try the latest binaries for client and server, sometimes Arma just might have a bug they're working to fix. Maybe even make sure there's not a problem with the memory allocator you're using (or if you're using the wrong one). https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-162-performance-binary-feedback/
  3. Emton

    ExileZ 2

    I don't really know cause I just use the 2 slow zombies and one of the fast zombies, but the options are split between zombies and demons, health, speed, attack range, attack speed etc, and I figure the boss is a demon so you can change that stuff but it will affect the other "demon" class creatures.
  4. Emton

    ExileZ 2

    -1 uses default ryan zombies setting, sometimes the wording is confusing for the option or it's not clear what that default setting actually is but in this case setting these to 1 should disable those sounds. The default -1 should have the sounds being used.
  5. Emton

    ExileZ 2

    If you think the sounds are off (I do too) let them know about it (I already have) zombie sounds should be scary and realistic (far zombies should sound far, close zombies should sound close). There's a few zombie sounds that just plain sound goofy and overall they're not particularly terrifying (but some of them come close). Well I'm waiting to see how they update them...
  6. Emton

    Community is King

    Could you consider some simple options to bring back the vanilla Arma 3 hud, with a nice Exile status bar to match it. Perhaps the ability to rebind keys (on custom user actions?), could be useful for stuff like having AI squad members (I never even want to use the weapon switching on the number keys) Also some aspects of the poptab inventory look a little rough, for instance "0/999999999" poptabs do we really need to know the max amount of poptabs that can be in the inventory when it's such a high number anyway?
  7. Emton

    How to increase my FPS

    When the AI gets offloaded to the client is that just nearby AI for that client or does the server offload all the AI or distribute them to the clients somehow (like some distributed computing or something) uh I was just wondering about it
  8. Emton


    I'd like to know how to increase the time as well, using toasts for dms mission notifications they happen too fast, don't get a chance to read the witty mission description...
  9. Hey is if(_locationType isEqualTo "NameCityCapital") then { _aiCount = 6; _groupRadius = 300; }; supposed to have (round (random x)) like you find with the others? Uh just tweaking the ai counts not sure if this is a bug. if(_locationType isEqualTo "NameCity") then { _aiCount = 4 + (round (random 4)); _groupRadius = 200; }; if(_locationType isEqualTo "NameVillage") then { _aiCount = 2 + (round (random 4)); _groupRadius = 100; }; Edit: Oh i guess that might be how you want it? Hey could I ask you something else, is it possible to change the marker brush from the red dot and "bandits" text? Also does the marker brush need to stay after you eliminate the bandits in the area, like maybe after you clear the bandits out the marker gets removed?
  10. Emton

    ExileZ 2

    Yea BOTH them options, also check to see if players can cure their infection simply by logging out last I heard that was a loophole that the Donkey Punch guy was gonna make a fix for (but not sure if that was an exclusive to his server or something) Also use them triggers I posted if you're on Altis they don't get better than that (might need some tweaking for your server) Also if you know about working with DMS mission type stuff talk to me I got more triggers I want to use for that.
  11. Can you help me figure out if Occupation is what I want to use? I have these markers, every marker you could ever need. I want to use these same markers for "Hostile Zones" that spawn every 10 - 20 mins, that last 10 - 20 mins, a max of around 5, that don't spawn farther than 2400m from the player, that spawns some AI groups randomly somewhere in the circle that I can configure for the 3 levels of markers (tougher ai at military markers etc). So can I plug in these positions for Occupation to use? Have the distance limit so they don't spawn far away (this is to compliment bandit missions) so the zone might spawn blocking a players path, or where a player was planning to loot. Have a big ol diagonal red marker on the map? I've been trying to do this just using DMS Static missions but I don't know if it's gonna work plus I'm bad at the programming. Well just trying to figure out how to do this if you're interested let me know I'll give you these triggers they could be useful for stuff.
  12. Emton

    ExileZ 2

    Here's my Altis triggers if anyone wants to use them and I hope you like them because it took dozens of hours to make lol
  13. Emton

    Noooo go back to the pancake or pumpkin face or whatever it was

  14. Emton

    ExileZ 2

    Try setting the chance to 0 that should do it
  15. Emton

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hey can you add in the setting for static missions: DMS_StaticMaxPlayerDistance = N; // If a player is farther than this distance from a mission location, then it won't spawn the mission and will wait 60 seconds before attempting to spawn it. So that a mission won't activate when the player is too far. I'm trying to haxor teh kodez but I don't know if it's gonna work. Please any help. What's this setting good for you ask? Very simple it's so these zones don't spawn too far from the player, so that they might impede the player's path. I'm envisioning this as a simple fast compliment to the bandit missions. Please any help I will share for all if we can get it made. I have these triggers to use, they are PERFECTLY positioned for the loot with 3 levels: Please I beg you like worm can I reverse DMS_fnc_IsPlayerNearby to become DMS_fnc_IsPlayerTooFar ?