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  1. Valthos™

    Tanoa: Decayed Edition

    fingers crossed most of the problems client side with Tanoa will be better with x64 since they have issues with Lods and running out of mem.
  2. Valthos™

    What's your server FPS?

    Understand. i normally don't get involved but saying stuff is crap without any backup is a sure way to trigger people no offence is meant im sure hes a great guy to someone.
  3. Valthos™

    What's your server FPS?

    i have a challenge for him. Backup you DB before restart wipe all cars and all base objects from the database and let the server fill up. then SS your CPS and FPS. Regards
  4. Valthos™

    What's your server FPS?

    I think this convo is well over. First off Wasteland has hardly any objects no call extension for the database its a lightweight framework running 10% of what exile does. Annex is not even a mod its a mission no server side files its all 1 light mission. it does not have to deal with any saving. and you clearly have no clue and your last 3 reply are utter crap. you have over 10K map objects and you don't think this is affecting performance ? You intention was to start a flame war by slating the mod that you run for free then complain about its CODING when you have not posted single line of any code to back your claim. Just open the PBO you will see is the biggest laugh i have ever seen and ive seen some BS in my time. You Sir are an ass. Good day and thank god know-one plays on your servers.
  5. Valthos™

    What's your server FPS?

    Like I said your running loads of stuff on top that's loading the server down. AI from dms is of loaded from the server to the client. Server creates AI unit and xferes it to the client this creates traffic. You can't complain about exile when you don't understand what your talking about. Running a server for 6 years means nothing if you don't understand how arma works. You would not even be posting stuff like that if you did. You could write a AI mission system that runs on a headless client. The fact is clear the exile framework runs perfect with low objects and AI. Running zombies 2 mission systems and you don't think this is affecting the server then you really don't have a clue and your line about knowing what affects server performance is more of a joke.
  6. Valthos™

    What's your server FPS?

    Plus with less than 1000 map objects Exile will run 120 players at over 10CPS all day. its the bases that kill it. lots of network traffic kills the server CPS. plus i remember at 1 point there were 10000s of bags and items spawning in the sea off the map remember that @MGTDB ? take Vanila Exile no stupid scripts no bases and it will run 100 players perfect with no issues start adding objects and it starts tanking. No AI missions Exile does not run like crap its all the crap your running on it. !
  7. Valthos™

    What's your server FPS?

    Custom means its custom so its built not from anywhere and it was 4 months or so ago when the server was running 90/90 all day. it was a 4790K @4.8Ghz the basic.cfg is also important we did run 100 at 1 point but as @MGTDB will tell you arma did some patches and made the perf much worse.
  8. Valthos™

    [WIP] Exile Taunus Project

    Hey even tho ExileLife is not going to be open we still love the exile community and were always willing to help and keep it alive.
  9. Valthos™

    [WIP] Exile Taunus Project

    We have the needed files for x64 for exile so if the normal extension is not updated as i doubt torn will update it we will share our extdb3 changes. the XM8 Dlls will need updating but i think @Grim has also been working on this.
  10. Valthos™

    What's your server FPS?

    yea just for others reference i see people using ASM
  11. Valthos™

    Do Server Threads reduce performance?

    Tbh we make all our stuff use the exile thread system. Although @MGTDB seems to have some threads split off and found better performance. _statusBarCode = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "Custom\StatusBar\statusBar.sqf"; [10, _statusBarCode, [], true] call ExileClient_system_thread_addtask;
  12. Valthos™

    Exile PHP Admin Tools/Portal

    Really like this panel i must say. saw it a few times before release hes done a great job.
  13. Valthos™

    What's your server FPS?

    i would also recommend everyone run Marma from @maca134 @Torndeco
  14. Valthos™

    What's your server FPS?

    We ran 100 Players and 8K objects running about 8 to 10 fps. dropped to 90 slots and had about 12fps i consider over 10 fps playable. Custom allocator.