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  1. any way to get this to work with ai and not players?
  2. has the guy that made exda joined the dev team?
  3. hey anyone able to help out quick any help would be AMAZING
  4. i will try and help you out on Saturday if you still need help. add me on discord Dave#5959 and say you are from exilemod.com
  5. status bar and xm8 apps installed (not exad as they would not work)
  6. so there is an error somewhere in the mission file please send me your rpt to dave#5959 on discord
  7. hey if you would still like some help with setting up anything add me on discord dave#5959 and say you are from exilemod forums with your name so i know who im talking to i can get the status bar running for you if you still need the help add me on discord dave#5959 and say you are from exilemod forums with your name so i know who im talking to
  8. looks like there is an error in your mission file as your server if doing the kick command but not the unlock command
  9. is it just that traders you can see? if so this is normal
  10. }; ((_result select 1) select 0) select 0 > 22:02:17 Error position: <select 0) select 0 > 22:02:17 Error Generic error in expression 22:02:17 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Malden\Dave\Overrides\Exile_Server_Overrides\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingleField.sqf, line 27 22:02:17 Error in expression <se_handleBig; }; any fix for this
  11. Solved in Discord. Hopefully. i feel like a complete idiot right now hahaha yes picked up on discord aswell yet to reply tho
  12. 20:33:50 Error in expression <n CreateTriggers; sleep 0.01; }foreach (_triggerPositions); }; }foreach Triggers> 20:33:50 Error position: <_triggerPositions); }; }foreach Triggers> 20:33:50 Error Undefined variable in expression: _triggerpositions 20:33:50 File exilez_mod\init\fn_postInit.sqf [exilez_mod_fnc_postInit], line 371 trying to add a 6th position but bumped in to this error and the trigger i tried to add doesnt work bet the rest do what did i do wrong haha
  13. ok thanks for the help there is only 1 player flag down very new server but i will check the map configs out and bet tback you you thanks again Dave (EDIT) /* Custom configs for Tanoa. Created by eraser1 All of these configs exist in the main config. The configs below will simply override any config from the main config. Explanations to all of these configs also exist in the main config. */ DMS_MinDistFromWestBorder = 1300; DMS_MinDistFromEastBorder = 800; DMS_MinDistFromSouthBorder = 1500; DMS_MinDistFromNorthBorder = 1900; // Plenty of slopes DMS_MinSurfaceNormal = 0.8; DMS_StaticMissionsOnServerStart append [ "underwater_stash" ]; (this is all thats in my Tanoa map config)
  14. how does one change the distance between missions to stop this http://prntscr.com/fsp8un
  15. hey every one quick question is any ohe having problems with the ai (problem being that the ai dont seem to be taking on the ai difficulty settings and just 1shotting players from about 1k out?) thanks Dave