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  1. wenn der battleye ordner im SC ordner ist aus dem er das profil lädt kann man sich das sparen.. die config.cfg und basic.cfg legt man "normalerweise" auch dort ab... und die logs etc sollten ja auch dort drin landen
  2. well... i already knew it wont happen the minute they wrote it its all about the money...
  3. the map on steamworkshop is gone already... it will be re-uploaded many times... as it was done already... because people never learn and it will be deleted every time... because the original maker asks steam to protect his copyright
  4. so why the heck do you want to make a non steam server when the game is steam only? what should this be good for?
  5. Player is Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer for too long - either not correctly loaded in or trying to run around as a ghost (invisible player object) still happens this time it was on a fresh player who connected the first time to our server... so no chance for any bad db entry to cause that
  6. 1. be filters have nothing to do with infistar 2. in addmagazinecargo or createvehicle for example you can blacklist items (magazines or vehicles) where battleye kicks you if you spawn one of these (legal or illegal spawning doesnt matter)
  7. just downloaded your files and gave them a try... ErrorMessage: File exile_server_config\config.cpp, line 750: /CfgBuildings.Land_A_Office01: Member already defined. ErrorMessage: File exile_server_config\config.cpp, line 786: /CfgBuildings.Land_Barn_Metal: Member already defined. and also these three candidates Land_Ind_Workshop01_01 Land_Ind_Workshop01_02 Land_Tovarna2
  8. hast du für BEC auch deine Windows Hosts Datei angepasst? die findest du unter C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc da steht folgendes bereits drin # localhost # ::1 localhost und das fügst du hinzu ibattle.org www.ibattle.org RConIP "server ip " lass mal aus der be server cfg raus welchen gameport hat der server und welchen rcon port hast du dazu gesetzt? wenn der server zb auf 2302 rennt kannst du den rcon port zb auf 2306 setzen 2303 - 2305 sind reserviert
  9. same problem here... from time to time... and the cba stuff was already set to 1 from the beginning so this cant be the problem
  10. shut up and take my money
  11. eine gaming community NO GAMING zu nennen is schon hart grenzwertig imho ^^ aber jedem das seine
  12. as long as extdb isnt sending any shit over rcon it may work... but it doesnt mean its done right...
  13. things like [Rcon] Port = 2302 are just wrong... you need to set a rcon port higher than 2305 because if you use 2302 as gameport 2302, 2303, 2304 and 2305 are hardcoded and reserved for other stuff like query and steam port etc... so set it in your be server config to 2306 for example and edit it in your extdb cfg to the same startparameter: use -servermod for exile_server instead of -mod
  14. du hast hier laut Screenshot die CUP CWA Files im Cup Terrain Core Ordner die gehören da nicht hin also raus damit... dann funzts auch mit dem connecten
  15. well... i wasnt talking to you directly... but feel free to ask ^^