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  1. @XaneXXXX if you use the Pbo Manager you might only need to rename the $PBOPREFIX$ to $PREFIX$ which allows the Pbo manager to set the prefix correctly (according to there "Features" list - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369). Some application use $PREFIX$ some use $PBOPREFIX$ to properly set the addon prefix path and there is no standard for. Filebank does not use any of these files and requires to set it using the "-property" argument.
  2. @XaneXXXX If only exile commands seem not to work. its proberly not correctly installed in the admintoolkit_servercfg. Most often the reason is, that the $PBOPREFIX$ file is not used, when repacking the admintoolkit_servercfg folder into admintoolkit_servercfg.pbo. You have two options 1. Use the armadev extension for vscode and run "Arma 3: Build" command inside the a3-admintoolkit directory to build all pbo files 2. Do it manually using FileBank FileBank.exe -property prefix=x\admintoolkit_servercfg -dst @AdminToolkitServer\addons source\admintoolkit_servercfg UPDATE: Always make sure you deleted the previous *.pbo file as FileBank does not seem to overwrite it
  3. @ChaosToasterHH Kollege, Deine Eigenart anderen mitzuteilen, jedes mal mods zu beheben ging mir ein wenig aufs Zahnfleisch. Daher bist du mir Ihr auch gleich mal negativ aufgefallen. Die Warnungen in deiner Logdatei ziehen Schlüsse darauf, das ein 3d Objekt (in diesem Fall der Lada) nicht geöffnet werden konnte. Dies kann damit zusammen hängen, das du z.B. von einer vorherigen Version (wie in deinen Vergangen Foren - Beiträgen) auf eine neuere gewechselt hast, wo entweder dieser Lada sich nicht mehr dort befinden, aber immer noch in der Datenbank steht. Es kann aber auch genau der Fall sein, das ein Bug in der Version ist, der vergebens nach diesem Objekt sucht, obwohl es ggf. nicht mehr existiert. Alles in allem, wenn du diesen Lada eh nicht verwendest (oder deinen Spielern bereit stellst) ist es weniger wichtig. Vermisst du Ihn, dann prüfe die Datenbank nach den vehicles die ggf. von Spielern oder Dir verwendet wurden und ersetze diesen durch gültige Einträge (oder spar dir die Mühe und lösche sie, und schenke dafür dem Spieler poptabs - als wiedergutmachung). ----- Gruß Ole, AdminToolkit Entwickler
  4. possible duplicate with issue: https://github.com/ole1986/a3-admintoolkit/issues/43
  5. To those who cant wait testing the updated scratchies version (1.5) supporting ExileMod 1.0.4 "Pineapple" on Exile.Altis Here it is: https://github.com/ole1986/a3-exile-scratchie/archive/master.zip PLEASE NOTE: The README.md has been updated and is divided into "Novice User" and "Advanced Users / Developers" Testers are welcome!
  6. @Brenner As far as I can remember kick and ban does only work with battleye using the ServerCommand password configured on your servers config (which must be the same in the file admintoolkit_servercfg/config.cpp) Suggestions are always welcome - Whenever I have the chance, I promise I am working on my two Arma 3 / Exile projects. Not only the idea of having the position coords (issue #40) came up but also the use of extDB2 (issue #42) to store all building related information into the database.
  7. can you paste your server rpt?!
  8. Updated to version 0.0.12 - Release Notes
  9. @Capu you may need to playaround with the file source/mission_file/atk/extension/ExileMod.sqf // [...] case "exile_getvehicle": { _list = "(getText(_x >> 'VehicleClass') in ['ExileCars', 'ExileBikes', 'ExileChoppers','ExileBoats','ExilePlanes']) and (getNumber (_x >> 'scope') == 2)" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles"); [RscAdminToolkitDetailList_IDC, _list, _filter] call AdminToolkit_uiList; _show = true; }; // [...] I do not know all VehicleClasses, but possible not all are included here. So adding the correct class can already solve the issue UPDATED: The Developer thread has some examples
  10. @manOwar_AFD Hi and thank you for reporting. I am not pretty sure if its broken with Exile v1.0.4, but will double check this asap. Usually only the exile.sql may cause the problem Anyway, issue is created: https://github.com/ole1986/a3-exile-scratchie/issues/4
  11. @W0LF yes, the *_bindKeyEvents.sqf file would be the correct one. Please remember when you change the source of the client you cannot use the signature (shipped with the ATK) to verify the *.bikey You need to then disable signatur verification (in server config) or build your own *.bikey / *.biprivatekey
  12. @W0LF Hi, what is actually meant with "my script" - Key binding is not supported, but you can use the quick buttons to run any command or script. To achieve this, check out the https://github.com/ole1986/a3-admintoolkit/blob/master/README.MissionFile.md and closer look to the QuickButtons definitions. An example how the run a script (which of course must exist), see below: QuickButtons[] = { {"Run my script", "execVM 'path\to\script.sqf'"} }; Of course, this is a pretty simple implementation of running a local script. If you want to execute server commands, you can either use the native command set followed by the "AdminToolkit_doAction" call to pass it to the server. Example: QuickButtons[] = { // spawn me a heli (requires permission for 'getvehicle' command) {"Heli", "['getvehicle', ['B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F']] call AdminToolkit_doAction"}, }; Last, but not least you can build your own "commands" by extending the AdminToolkit. Further details about extension can be found here: https://github.com/ole1986/a3-admintoolkit/blob/master/README.MissionFile.md#build-your-own-extension
  13. if you have like major changes, you can fork the source on github.com an do a pull request later, so i can apply it for every one. if you have minor changes or some kind of extension, you can build your own A starting point would be here https://github.com/ole1986/a3-admintoolkit/blob/master/README.md#extensions https://github.com/ole1986/a3-admintoolkit/blob/master/README.MissionFile.md https://github.com/ole1986/a3-admintoolkit/blob/master/README.MissionFile.md#build-your-own-extension
  14. @Restiphani Sorry to hear that this is not working for you. I can double check the *.sign file once I have my server back running. For the time being you can disable the signature check by changing the "verifySignatures = 0" in the server.cfg
  15. the sign file always must match the exact bikey. so better use a previous atk version