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  1. I have a problem in rangefinder, it is not showing the distance, does anyone know how to proceed on this issue? SOLVED, I was using description.ext old file.
  2. Yes, now I understand how to properly insert the mod dependencies in the startup parameters, thank you man, was able to ride with all of them now.
  3. Yes I want. I follow your instructions and I have a notion of how to add items for sale and loot, but I'm getting into the server without having @cup loaded on the client. I believe this will make my friends come here without the mod installed and consequently can not see the items. Is there any setting that is mandatory the use of mod? Thanks in advance for your attention, patience and my bad English. kkk
  4. Just take the test and managed to get in without loading the mod, and was not kicked by the server. No need to add anything here: class Mission { addOns[]= { "exile_client", "aia_chernarus_config", "aia_buildings_config", "aia_misc_e_config", "aia_misc_config", "aia_desert2_config", "aia_misc3_config", "aia_data_baf_config" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "exile_client", "aia_chernarus_config"
  5. Good personal afternoon, come here to ask for help installing CUP Weapons / Vehicle on my test server. I'm already running Chernarus with A3_DMS | Sarge's AI | Status BAR and I would put these two add-ons.
  6. rbnickbr

    A3xai install issues

    Could you send me too? I have already sent my email by PM. Ty
  7. @@SOLVED HERE SOLUTION: I had the same problem as you, even on the same map. The solution is the Exile.Chernarus.pbo mission is an outdated config.cpp, just take the Altis archive file from the last update and place chernarus.pbo, repack it and be happy. Works 100% now! Sorry for my english, it is very precarious.
  8. Same error , trees do not produce wood. Thirst and hunger do not work, updated version for EmergencyFixes - 0.9.41a .