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  1. MGTDB

    Arma 3
  2. MGTDB

    Revive system

  4. MGTDB

    In game infistar keybinds resetting

    Known issue, will be resolved shortly
  5. MGTDB

    Rpt Help?

    Known issue since 1.86 update, BI developers are working on a fix
  6. MGTDB

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    \scripts\fn_CreateMarker.sqf, underneath _dot setMarkerType _markerType; Add _dot setMarkerColor "ColorPink";//or any color from
  7. MGTDB

    Vehicle Crash loot.

  8. MGTDB

    [Release] Purchased vehicles spawn at specific location

    Yes it does ^^
  9. MGTDB

  10. MGTDB


    Looks like an infiSTAR ban, you need to join their Discord and appeal with a new ticket
  11. MGTDB

    chernarus.PBO 1.4

    It would run, but you would need to move all trader ai (initPlayerLocal) trader buildings etc (initServer) and debug spawn location coordinates, spawn markers, trader markers etc (mission.sqm) to suit Chernarus
  12. Easy fix!!! In your mission file\debug\blckClient.sqf Find GMS_fnc_addHostageActions and GMS_fnc_initHostage and where it says Epoch, change it to Exile
  13. MGTDB

    View distance???

    You opened a ticket on infiSTAR Discord, then left the Discord channel so the ticket was closed. I can see you're back on there so open a new one and we can resolved it there.
  14. MGTDB

    Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:922 not found

    No issues in that server rpt, the reason you're getting kicked will be in your client rpt file