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  1. MGTDB

    What's your server FPS?

    Server startup from cold is considerably faster
  2. MGTDB


    Fix group bug?
  3. MGTDB


    Esc/Controls/Weapons/Lase Range and bind the key
  4. Pull ExileClient_object_player_stats_update.sqf from the client files and add to mission file root (or where you have custom files) Find ExileClientPlayerAttributes set [2, ((((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 2) - (100 / ExileClientHungerDecay * _hungerFactor * _timeElapsed)) min 100) max 0)]; ExileClientPlayerAttributes set [3, ((((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 3) - (100 / ExileClientThirstDecay * _thirstFactor * _timeElapsed)) min 100) max 0)]; and replace it with if !(ExilePlayerInSafezone) then { ExileClientPlayerAttributes set [2, ((((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 2) - (100 / ExileClientHungerDecay * _hungerFactor * _timeElapsed)) min 100) max 0)]; ExileClientPlayerAttributes set [3, ((((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 3) - (100 / ExileClientThirstDecay * _thirstFactor * _timeElapsed)) min 100) max 0)]; }; Don't forget in mission config, to add it into class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileClient_object_player_stats_update = "ExileClient_object_player_stats_update.sqf";//or with your path to custom files }; Pack mission and you're done!
  5. MGTDB

    Infistar closing Xspawn

    86000 is the idd, make sure it's in allowedIDDs[] = array in infiSTAR config. Also, please copy client and server rpt to Pastebin and link them here please.
  6. MGTDB

    Extended Base Mod

    @Freakylein Something you may want to address, your mod makes gas stations on Panthera storage items
  7. MGTDB

    [Solved]Dissapear guns

    Do you use infiSTAR? If so, whitelist display 57 in config/ allowedIDDs
  8. MGTDB

    Battleye Filter Editor

    Screenshot it and post it here please
  9. MGTDB

    Extended Base Mod

    In menus.hpp find the classname of the container you want to add the option to, eg class Cargo20Military (or add it if not there)
  10. MGTDB

    MGT Exile Panthera

    Custom Missions unique to MGT, over 70 mission types with custom clearup code Static radiation, occupation and underwater missions ZCP Capture point missions (domination) Custom mafia missions (Blckeagles) DayZ style helicrashes AI to hunt camping players Developed and balanced daily, Changelogs >> infiSTAR development server so has latest protection/definitions Custom incoming missile alert system for vehicles Custom standalone loot system for faster loot spawning, developed seperately The ability to get back into purchased DLC vehicles ingame without the DLC (still has prompts to purchase DLC on screen) Trader zone vehicle collision and theft prevention Lock vehicle from inside within traders MarXet trader Black market traders for high end vehicles and weapons Extended bullet cam timer for long sniper shots 73 custom flags 3km 3d party marker range Build a temporary base Players can poop and pee Advanced Urban rappelling, rope required Flag owner can spawn near their flag every 30 minutes Extra quiet earplugs No thermals of any kind Extended base mod Vector Building (extended base mod vectoring working) Respect base loadouts Custom Logistics, towing, lifting and crate loading/selling Revive system with defibs Perks for streamers - apply at Bike or boat deploy/pack on scroll action Ingame K/D scoreboard in escape menu Many custom vehicles with edited weapons for server balance Armed vehicle rearming at gas stations Anti combat log system Virtual garage through Xm8 or flag Remote CCTV through Xm8 Disable environment sounds Xm8 app Player and vehicle scan Xm8 apps Most wanted bounty system through Xm8 View distance Xm8 app Private chat Xm8 app Buy parachute via Xm8 Territory protection from breaching, grinding, safe hacking and flag stealing for new players 10k Starting poptabs and a balanced economy Abandon Territory enabling you to get a flag returned Player wages every 5 minutes - We did this first! Custom cleanup to keep fps high Mods required Exile (now on Steam Workshop \o/) mozzie mod Extended Base Mod NIArsenal NATO SF & SPETSNAZ Vehicles TRYK's Multi-Play Uniform's pack CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles CUP Units Community Base Addons CUP Terrains - Core Panthera Optional mods Blastcore JSRS Dragonfyre Dynasound2
  11. MGTDB

    Extended Base Mod

    The crowsfeet cannot be placed
  12. Updated 18/8/18 - Smoother ramp on western side
  13. MGTDB

    How do I get taviana working?

    It's still forbidden to host an Arma 3 server on Taviana
  14. MGTDB

    A3 Launcher "Partial Security"- Battleye

    You need Battleye enabled and verifySignatures = 1; (in server config) as a minimum to get the green shield in A3Launcher