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    Expression Errors Help .RPTs

    I've recently noticed the same problems with AVS as well in some testing before I implement as a service zone. I'll definitely be interested in a newer version as well. On a different note but post related, was there an update to how to randomization happens all over? Anyhow I ask this as I've seen this issue with A3XAI that I'm pretty sure I didn't have before: 9:33:21 Error in expression <); _ret = _this select _ret; }; _ret> 9:33:21 Error position: <_ret> 9:33:21 Error Undefined variable in expression: _ret 9:33:21 File A3XAI\compile\A3XAI_utilities\A3XAI_selectRandom.sqf, line 24 From what I understand this randomizes a host of things in this addon. I too noticed this new expression problem related to A3XAI and AVS. I'm not certain if the 2, A3XAI and AVS are related with the AVS errors but curious to know if someone happens to know. (FYI using Kuplion's branch of A3XAI, but the above randomization is in other branches and original I believe).
  2. NutzMcKracken

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    This is the crux of the problem. You can see that BIS is working on it at the moment. There's a couple workarounds, none are pretty as far as Exile is concerned and running server side mods: Link to BIS Dev post. You can read rest of the thread but turns to flames.;comment=3327107