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  1. dbw

    [Release] Simple Dynamic Status Icons

    Hi, I quit arma some time ago and haven't really worked with it since then, but if I don't forget I'll try to help you tomorrow! Sorry for the lack of updates but kind of lost motivation and am waiting for Arma 4
  2. dbw

    [Release] Simple Dynamic Status Icons

    Really cool stuff! Nice job
  3. dbw

    [Release] Simple Dynamic Status Icons

    try using tga instead of png then convert that to paa, but the process is simple as that
  4. dbw

    Disable standard HUD

    IDK why it shouldnt work anymore, maybe the IDs have changed
  5. dbw

    Status bar - For those that need it quick!

    seems like a repost
  6. dbw

    [Release] Simple Dynamic Status Icons

    it should be working, havent tested on the current version, but i've seen some servers running the dayz style version of my script. What's your error? post your rpt, ingame error etc
  7. dbw

    Disable standard HUD

    check @deadeye2 's post (2 posts above) for idcs, and check my post a few posts above explaining how to do it
  8. dbw

    Disable standard HUD

    If it's still not working you could try executing the script not at the end of the file but near the beginning before all the trader stuff
  9. dbw

    Disable standard HUD

    disableSerialization; waitUntil {(!isNil {uiNamespace getVariable "RscExileHUD"})}; while {true} do { uiSleep 1; _display = uiNamespace getVariable "RscExileHUD"; _ctrl = _display displayCtrl 1300; _ctrl ctrlSetPosition [-10,-10,0,0]; _ctrl ctrlCommit 0; }; And about the 10sec timer, I never touched that. Just shut down the server you'll get session lost and can change what you want
  10. dbw

    [Release] Dynamic Status Icons DayZ Style

    If you have time and want to do positions yourself, load into editor, enable debug console, open gui editor under the debug console, place something, set it's position to be relative to safezones, export it as config (it copies the config to clipboard) and you can find the coordinates this way.
  11. dbw

    Disable standard HUD

    Didn't check your sqfs but it might be a an Arma bug feature, when you log in to the debug island it already initialises exilehud sometimes, so your script gets executed hiding the exile hud, and after you ACTUALLY spawn in the game, the exile hud gets redrawn to its original position. IF thats the problem the ghetto workaround is to call it like I call it in my script as an exile thread or more ghetto to call it in a while true sleep structure
  12. dbw

    [Release] Dynamic Status Icons DayZ Style

    Really nice! @BetterDeadThanZed but there are a bunch of other Exile icons on the right side (earplugs etc) thats why I chose to put my stuff on the left side too. (however you can change those positions, if I remember correctly their control group's idc is 1000, so you can reposition them from script(just how I hid the exile hud )) edit: you might need to reposition them separately because they seem to be positioned relative to safezones not sure if I'm allowed to post contents of binarized exile config files, but here is the paste where you can find idc-s http://pastebin.com/Bn3ZwWgB
  13. dbw

    Disable standard HUD

    yeah you just have to move that control away too as you can see 1300 is the statusbar control idc, cant really remember whats the ammo display's id but if you find it. add this to the end of the script. (If I remember correctly they are numbered cleverly so 1400 might be the ammo display's idc you can find the idc-s from exileclient config.bin (convert it to cpp to use it) _ctrl = _display displayCtrl REPLACE_WITH_AMMO_HUD_IDC; _ctrl ctrlSetPosition [-10,-10,0,0]; _ctrl ctrlCommit 0;