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  1. John Lemon

    Spawn und Trader

    2 stunden sind ja nun wirklich nicht viel... wenn du grundsätzlich keine Ahnung hast, lies dich bitte durch ein paar Forenbeiträge oder auch einfach nur durch die ganzen Dateien! Trader stehen alle in der initPlayerLocal
  2. John Lemon

    Can't spawn into Exile

  3. John Lemon

    $$ customize my server $$ please

    server providers havent acces to ur files, they can only change ur hardware. (im not talking about nitrado or all these other crap hosters...). All they do is offer hardware, the rest is ur thing. even if they could, why should they do so? if u grant acces to a unknown person, money grabbers arent the most truth worthy friends u can find... but do what ever u want, im not saying, that every1 is an assh***, but just keep that in mind, for ur work!
  4. we started in 2013, A2 Epoch. The mod was absolutly new for us and we couldnt find a server that would fit to our likings. later we started a3 epoch, but well... that wasnt the heaven we expected... the story ends in exile...
  5. John Lemon

    $$ customize my server $$ please

    its not like renting a car, u offer acces to a server that u are responsible for...
  6. John Lemon

    $$ customize my server $$ please

    offering money in this case istn the best option... why dont u just ask for help, if u would take a look at the decent forums, u could see, that help is allways for free... arma is a bitch and evey1 needs help sometimes... every1 started from the scratch, but learning by doing ist the best way to REALLY understand what u want to do. Just a lil reminder, if u offer acces to ur server to people, that u dont even know, there is allways a kind of back door to hack or "enter" ur server and u wont even notice. Get some knowledge first, how do u wanne control what "these guys" ar doing?? so, lets make a long story short, no knowledge, no server...
  7. John Lemon

    Ai vehicle patrols not making engine noise

    (i thought i had an idea, but... nope)
  8. double check ur installation, u must have missed a step. it works fine here
  9. John Lemon

    [RELEASE] Random Starting Loadouts/Uniforms

    sure, just change ur exileserver codes: ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf and ExileServer_object_player_network_createPlayerRequest.sqf all u need to do is to compare the old lines (from the script) to the new exile server codes (exileserver.pbo/codes) safe it and ur done (dont forget to uncomment the lines in ur mission cpp) so basicly, u need to change ur exile server codes.
  10. John Lemon

    [RELEASE] Random Starting Loadouts/Uniforms

    thx once more @BetterDeadThanZed it works again!
  11. John Lemon

    [RELEASE] Random Starting Loadouts/Uniforms

    yes, this fits to my options. Ill do so, but i was wondering, if u are going to update the master files in generell.
  12. John Lemon

    [RELEASE] Random Starting Loadouts/Uniforms

    it looks like the script isnt working anymore since the latest update. The bambi creation doesnt work. Player get stuck on requesting bambi status. Any ideas?
  13. John Lemon

    Make recepies free tips?

    maybe the editor could solve ur problems...
  14. John Lemon

    Map ändern. Bitte hilfe :(