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  1. Warrior

    Wire Transfer Script

    Also running EXAD and having issues with this script freezing my entire game when attempting to run it via the xm8, have to completely reboot the pc haha... seem to remember player market doing the same because of EXAD but cannot remember the cause or the fix?
  2. Warrior

    Server Error

    To the above poster - Your post doesn't really help much when your all faithful google actually brings traffic HERE. To the OP did you ever find a fix? I have this issue and I think its coming from the Nimitz mod I have recently added to one of our servers, sadly google results didn't yield anything useful at all.
  3. Warrior

    [Release] USS Nimitz Occupation

    Has anyone else managed to get the Catapult working on the Nimitz in Exile? Been at this for a few days now trying all sorts but to no avail... Whatever I try its just the same conclusion I click launch on the Cat and the crew spawn in 'stuck'.
  4. Warrior

    [Release] USS Nimitz Occupation

    Added the Nimitz into editor and merged it with my mission to create a new mission.sqm, all is working however the catapult function doesn't appear to be working correctly, the launch sequence at the cats does start however its like it freezes the ai and there is no steam coming from the cat and no option to 'salute' to take off? I tested all in the editor and all was working fine in there, was thinking maybe it was an issue with globalsimulation or similar? Does it have to be activated as I only set simulation to true however could not find a section in the mission.sqm file that highlighted any simulation state.
  5. Warrior

    *NEW AND IMPROVED* Sell Crates At Wastedump for R3F

    No worries man thanks for the fix, didn't even spot it till I made a second server and was testing
  6. Warrior

    *NEW AND IMPROVED* Sell Crates At Wastedump for R3F

    Yup that's cured it thanks @Monkeynutz
  7. Warrior

    *NEW AND IMPROVED* Sell Crates At Wastedump for R3F

    Still getting issues with this script, when you sell the crate it gives you respect and poptabs but then the problem resides when you go on to sell an item after this it shows +-500 (with 500 being an example). I have tried the Relacher.sqf provided by @kuplionand also tried the file provided in the original download and both have the same end result. Its like it gives you the respect when selling the crate but then removes that respect gained as soon as you sell an item. Does anyone have a working fix for this please?
  8. Warrior

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    Hmmm any reason for this to pop up in the rpt: Warning Message: Script \userconfig\VCOM_AI\AISettingsV3.hpp not found The file is there and i have the following set in my config.cfg allowedLoadFileExtensions[] = {"sqf","hpp"}; allowedPreprocessFileExtensions[] = {"sqf","hpp"};
  9. Noticed a few people have had issues getting this to work, I had the same issue when pressing the market app button it would completely lock out the client, its a pretty bad bug and i had to remove this until a fix is found. Just curious if the app creator has any input on what could be causing this? @Cyunide Any help appreciated as would love to have this working on our server.
  10. Warrior

    Hunger and Thirst not saving

    Ok thanks @joew00 I haven't had a chance to look into this with other things popping up lately but will take a look and let you know.
  11. @Bones51 I had to update Bones_fnc_getVehicleLoadout.sqf too as it had the pylon information update, I can confirm all is working now THANK YOU SO MUCH this has absolutely made my day now!
  12. @Bones51 Ok will clear the ammo array, cheers
  13. Hmmm ive replaced "ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf" but stuck on waiting for server to load checking rpt now
  14. Good work @Bones51 I will check this out right now, thanks for finding the problem I've been keen to get this all up and working.