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  1. Ok thanks @joew00 I haven't had a chance to look into this with other things popping up lately but will take a look and let you know.
  2. @Bones51 I had to update Bones_fnc_getVehicleLoadout.sqf too as it had the pylon information update, I can confirm all is working now THANK YOU SO MUCH this has absolutely made my day now!
  3. @Bones51 Ok will clear the ammo array, cheers
  4. RPT:
  5. Hmmm ive replaced "ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf" but stuck on waiting for server to load checking rpt now
  6. Good work @Bones51 I will check this out right now, thanks for finding the problem I've been keen to get this all up and working.
  7. For now i have lowered the detection range from 50m to 10m, it will still work up to 50m away but it seems to spam toasts alot less
  8. Hey, I seem to have an issue where hunger and thirst are not saving to the database at all, the database constantly is showing 100 for both, in game they will go down as usual but as soon as a player logs out and back in they are reset back to 100 in game? I have quite a few overrides in place for several different scripts but am unsure what file it is exactly that would update the database for hunger and thirst? Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction please.
  9. @Razor77 This should be fine, out of curiosity let me know if you have issues with ATGM vanishing after server restarts from your choppers (if you happen to use attack choppers) its proving to be a real headache for me... literally having to replace every attack chopper and armed drone every restart just so they continue to rearm ok.
  10. @Razor77 Which save ammo script are you using? I tried an updated version but mine froze on player log in, I reverted back to the old save ammo script in order to keep server running for now
  11. Yeah i removed my markers for that point exactly but i may place map markers for ones located at the traders purely for convenience, also has anyone found a fix for the toast spam created by Bones_fnc_vspInRange.sqf yet? When the rearm points are nearby it can get very annoying, would maybe lowering the range of detection be a fix?
  12. @Bones51 Tried updating to this latest version after noticing your pylon update (hoping it may fix the UAV issue I've been having, I've got an issue when logging in the character is stuck in debug and the rpt is spammed with errors, so many i cant even really tell what is coming from where? RPT:
  13. @Razor77 Dont forget to add them into Bones_fnc_markServicePoints.sqf too if you want to mark the service points on the map and Bones_fnc_vspInRange.sqf if you want to use the toast alerts when they are nearby.
  14. @Razor77 Yeah adding it to that line will work I currently have mine set to helipads and they work great.
  15. Just got the script in and working, database all fixed now with AVS gone.... still seem to have an issue with a drone i just tested on an Ababil I_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F that was already on my database, it only gave option to rearm the designator and chaffs[[[-1],["240Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine",240]],[[0],["Laserbatteries",1]]] This drone from traders would usually provide Skalpal's with a database loadout of [[[-1],["240Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine",240]],[[0],["Laserbatteries",1],["PylonRack_3Rnd_LG_scalpel",6]]], after a restart the database changes the above to [[[-1],["240Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine",240]],[[0],["Laserbatteries",1],["PylonRack_3Rnd_LG_scalpel",3]]] but the Skalpal's are not visible or accessible and attempting to rearm present a message saying that it does not need rearming? Will try more testing later but its definitely a restart that's messing with them, hope the above info helps @Bones51 Edit: After further testing of all vehicles i can confirm that all of the vehicles i tested appear to rearm just fine provided they are 'new' meaning they have been purchased fresh that server restart, ground vehicles appear to rearm fine regardless of being fresh spawned or old its just the helicopters and drones after a restart that are the only issue with pylons being the only problem i can see. I also did note that an M2 Hummer from RHS would only reload 1 clip of 100 rounds, it would let you continue to purchase ammo but would not provide anymore ammo for your poptabs. Hope this info helps.