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  1. @Z80CPU - thank you but your comments don't answer my question. I've probably been using Google longer than you've been around. Been there, done that. No valid and complete explanations found. You've not answered anything. You haven't indicated what is the origin of the error coming up, what is need in the files and where. I only used these two maps as examples, but I'm getting it on other maps too. I've tried over 15 maps and get the error elsewhere too.
  2. So, I'm not finding a satisfactory answer so far. I've been simply testing a number of maps to see how they would load into an Exile server. Many maps load without any significant problem. However, a few generate the following error message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds. XXXX Where 'XXXX' would be the map name. Two maps, as examples, that are causing this error are Montella and South Asia. I'm using Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool (TADST) to start the server. I'm not loading any other mods but Exile, Exileserver, and each map in question (plus any required mods that the map uses such as CUP Terrains Core and/or others) each time I start up a server. Anyone have a complete explanation as to why some maps work and why some generate this error? Does this config.bin file have to be somewhere with the map files? Or is this somewhere else?
  3. SwissArmy1984

    [GUIDE] Server Install/Upgrade Guide 1.0.4

    Where is the Exile Auto Start.bat file? It's not in the downloaded Exile server file. How does it appear in the Arma3/Server folder??
  4. SwissArmy1984

    "Error: Bambi Creation Timeout"

    The installation guide referred to by Brenner exactly addresses this issue of where to modify a line in MySQL to sql-mode="". WURSTKETTE did no service to anyone by not explaining anything. Either give a complete answer or no answer at all.
  5. SwissArmy1984

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    Yes, all that all of you are suggesting are perfectly logical. Remember, we WIPED the server BEFORE we reinstalled JUST Exile. Default Arma, as we tested individually, works fine. I am not the one directly coding, unfortunately, so what I'm going to do is give the link to this thread to my server admin/coder buddy. I'll make sure he reads it. I'll keep you up to date on this thread. Thanks to all!
  6. SwissArmy1984

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    So, we started with a new download of Exile Server, a new installation of Arma 3, built a new server using the Altis map, put in the init file to spawn 6 CSAT snipers with Lynx's at the SW end of the Altis airport runway, and nothing else (not even Infistar). Two of us spawned in and found some weapons. We set up at 1200m at the NW end of the runway and started shooting at the CSAT snipers. We shot standing up all the way to 750m, no reaction other than looking at us. Once we crossed the 750m, they started firing. We tried this a few times with the same result. The 750m threshold stuck. Yes, we went through all the Exile server files and did not find any reference to '750', 'distance', 'range', etc. Essentially we're stuck. I was even crazy enough to suggest that it was the server hardware, but that makes no sense.
  7. SwissArmy1984

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    What's surprising is that it persists even after we take out the mods and only have Exile and Infistar. We are fully aware and have read multiple times all the information about AI Skills. We even set AI Skills to max (=1) to see what would happen and it didn't change anything, unfortunately. Someone also suggested that there might be a line of code somewhere (from who knows what) that does something like if (isDedicated) then setViewDistance = 750; Our next step is to wipe the server and start from scratch with a new Arma download, a new Exile download, and a new Infistar download so that we're working with 'clean' copies of all three.
  8. SwissArmy1984

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    I've played on that server and it has been a bitch to engage AI at a distance, yes, LOL.
  9. SwissArmy1984

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    Will definitely take all your suggestions. We disabled all the mods and reduced the server to just Exile and Infistar and still had the problem. I'm going to suggest a complete wipe and downloading a fresh set of Exile files, and see what happens.
  10. SwissArmy1984

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    @GamersRoost What mods were you using? Were you using Infistar?
  11. SwissArmy1984

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    We've looked into the spotDistance setting in AISkills. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with this hard block at 750 meters. We've set the AISkills to 1, and there is no change.
  12. SwissArmy1984

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    Further clarification: We ran the server without DMS or any other mods, just Exile and Infistar. We have three servers with the following maps: Rosche, Tanoa, and Lythium. The same problem occurs on all three. Infistar has nothing to do with AI, so the limitation must be coming from Exile.
  13. SwissArmy1984

    AI hijacking player vehicles... no shit.

    VCOM used to have this feature explicitly. AI would steal the unlocked vehicles of players. It was hilarious and we wanted to keep it, but when VCOM screwed up their update, so many other things weren't working that we got rid of it. It's not an Arma thing. Maybe it's from A3XAI?
  14. Hi! We've noticed on our Exile server that the AI, no matter what weapons they individually have, do NOT shoot/engage players beyond 750 meters. We've looked through the Exile files and cannot find anything that creates this limit. AI, for example with a sniper with a Lynx and LRPS scope, should definitely engage targets at much longer distances, certainly beyond 750 meters. Does anyone know where Exile puts this limit and how to change it? Thanks.
  15. SwissArmy1984

    Does Exile limit the combat engagement distance of AI??

    Sorry, may have posted this in the wrong section. I've repeated it in the Serverside sub-section of the "Problems" section as it definitely looks like a problem generated by the Exile Server files.