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  1. From which pbo was this? I just checked all the pbos from my download and this section of code is fine, all semi colons present.
  2. The part where he says he is new to this?
  3. I'm going to say what everyone else is going to, firstly, post your server RPT, this shows alot and will help with trouble causing (For this and future issues) Secondly, why did you jump into renting a server before actually testing on your own PC?
  4. i use a tool called DiffMerge to open both files side by side and it compares and tells me what was added and taken away, and you only have to click a single button to transfer a block over from one file to the other.
  5. Are you using DMS? i've heard that DMS has issues keeping it's patrols in check, i've also witnessed it on servers aswell where Ai from missions disappear and never come back leading the players to be unable to complete the mission. So yeah, if you're using DMS I'd assume it was this, if not then *Shrugs* sorry
  6. Not had chance to get to it yet but this is something i'm going to be looking at, if i'm not mistaken infistar has something which will allow us to do this.
  7. Wanting to use this but the site is down anyone have the files?
  8. Looks good, reminds me of Klen in Epoch for Arma 2
  9. Not sure if this has already been addressed but I came across this when installing. ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\Exile.Chernarusredux\TRADERS\FFAA\ItemListFFAA.hpp, line 69: /CfgExileArsenal/: '/' encountered instead of '{' This was due to this line here, ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Faceware ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //class AN/PVS-7 { quality = 2; price = 80; }; <<<<<<<< class NVG { quality = 2; price = 80; }; class ffaa_Glasses { quality = 1; price = 10; }; class ffaa_briliat_item_nbq { quality = 2; price = 450; }; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// in ItemListFFAA.hpp, the / was been read so i've commented this line out for now. There is also this error ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\Exile.Chernarusredux\TRADERS\FFAA\TraderCategoriesFFAA.hpp, line 119: '/CfgTraderCategories.classclass': 'F' encountered instead of '=' The above error is due to the following section of code found in TraderCategoriesFFAA.hpp class FFAAPointerAttachments { name = "Pointer Attachments"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\itemacc_ca.paa"; items[] = { "ffaa_acc_puntero_ir" }; }; classclass FFAABipodAttachments <<<<<<< Culprit { name = "Bipod Attachments"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\itembipod_ca.paa"; items[] = { "ffaa_bipod_G36" }; }; as you can see the culprit is the classclass FFAABipodAttachments found on line 120, just need one of the "class" deleting so it reads class FFAABipodAttachments Other than that, great release and really appreciated
  10. Thanks for this, they seems to be less spawn points than on normal chernarus though, is this right? Or are my configs messed up somewhere? haha EDIT: Fixed, forgot i could crank loot amount up
  11. Checked noLogs in parameters and it worked, I could kiss you! Thanks!
  12. Having this issue too and i'm unable to click "Close" on the message, as a server owner how am i supposed to bypass this? Surely there's a fix for it.
  13. Attempted to add a blue glow to these, saved as png, converted to .paa using texview2, yet it still shows old icons Anything special i'm missing? I've looked through the files to try and change it so it loads the png instead of paa (I prefer working with png) however i'm unable to find it.
  14. Ok solved, i'm thinking it was due to me using TADST as im running it on a local machine for testing, checked the tabs on TADST and had an option for servercommandpassword, added my pass in there and all is good.
  15. Ok so as above, when attempting to load infi my RPT reports, server password not set. yet as you can see, they're both set properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Vibe