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  1. I don't know if there is an Unban request section on this website as when I've looked I cant find one so il message you.

    My in game name is Swifty (I think)

    I got banned for wall glitching

    I'd like to get unbanned as this was the only server I played on, with the exile mod, and I have quite a lot of hours on the server as I really enjoyed it and I do miss the server. So id like to apologise to the team for disobeying their rules and i'd like to apologise to the poor guy who I killed. I promise i wont do it or anything like it again as I do really like the server. So this is my unban request

    Thank you



  2. ever since 1.58 patch, my server is crashing "program not responding", meaning my auto-restart will not restart since the program doesn't auto-close. Anyone else having this issue? any way to have the not responding program auto-close? *********** Update: Server seems to crash mainly when logging into any type of RCON program into the server.
  3. Well you really are a great server/owner/admin. Very childish...... You were asked a question about frame rates and then you ban everyone. Maybe you should pay for a dedicated server instead of hopping off other peoples. I will ensure that the Exile Mod users and developers are aware.

    1. cGs! mIKE

      cGs! mIKE

      Never heard of you child.   please leave me alone,  I only talk to adults. 

    2. Cocaine


      It took you a long time to respond to me..

      I wanted to talk to you like an adult I am in my 40's after all.

      I have a screenshot of you calling me a cu** and banning me from your server, I just wanted to have an adult conversation with you and ask why ? nothing more. It would appear that you are not willing to listen to me anyway, so if you don't respond I understand.


  4. cGs! mIKE

    Stop Map Markers?

    Yes, block all "global" markers, maybe allow only group markers to be displayed. We get spammers constantly on our server spamming our map with thousands of markers to annoy everyone else.
  5. What is weird, is 3rd person isn't working regardless of the settings of thirdPersonView=1; is this supposed to be set to 2?
  6. Perfect, I feel stupid for not knowing about that one. Learn something new every day. So, we just edit this with the profile settings we want and then change the server config to use custom? instead of exile.regular?
  7. i can't figure out for the life of me where these so called server "profiles" are located. even doing a search doesn't come up with anything. is this for people who've ran custom profiles before? meaning if we didn't do a custom profile before we need to create it?
  8. For those that have a broken UI or missing scripts (not working scripts), it is because you added the SAFEZONE code to the TOP of your init.sqf. Make sure you put: call ExileClient_system_map_initialize; // fix for 1.58 safezones and markers at the very end of your init.sqf , add the code above. everything will work then, including your bottom status bar.
  9. cGs! mIKE

    1 hour day, 20 minute night...then repeat

    Thank you Second_coming, your AI Script is the best in the biz. Love it, and thank you for adding time to your script, makes it easier all under one script.
  10. cGs! mIKE

    Stop Map Markers?

    Is there a feature with infistar to block the map markers? I found that some players are able to import photos of nude pictures and some how paste them all over our map on the server. Is there some sort of block for map markers completely?
  11. cGs! mIKE

    A3AP (Arma 3 Admin Panel) For ExileMod

    when do you expect to release? And yes, your response answered exactly what I was asking. thank you. -mIKE
  12. cGs! mIKE

    A3AP (Arma 3 Admin Panel) For ExileMod

    How much access do you as the cloud operator have to server side files, etc? or is it giving access purely to our database? I can see many server owners worried about too much access given to where code/content can be compromised. regards, -mIKE
  13. Anyone know how to properly have the server run day time for 1 hour, then give a complete 15 to 20 minute night cycle? then rinse and repeat. We run a 3 hour restart timer as well if that helps point me in the right direction? I see other similar threads, but they seem old. Not sure if they still work. regards, Mike
  14. Where did place your execute ? initServer? init?
  15. The idea would be that have your existing features teleport, freeze, restrain but be able to apply GROUP wide. This would be extremely helpful as most mischievous people work in 2's or 3's on my server, so it would save the time from doing it to each player one by one. Also good uses would be for server events, you can have all players interested in the event to join a pre-made group which then can be all teleported at once. We sometimes run events where we port each player one at a time to an island for a fun server event which takes a lot of time. It would cut our time by a tremendous amount to be able to teleport an entire group to your location. Just throwing out ideas, not to clog up your anti-hack threads. regards, mIKE