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    What "IF" we don't have filters?

    Just asking, what IF there are no filters listed in the battleeye folder? does that mean NO ONE will get kicked since there is nothing to compare against? or does it mean MORE people will get kicked because there are no exceptions? I'm trying to wrap my head around how the .txt files work in battleeye... if they are meant to add EXTRA security, or are they there to allow MORE files to run without battleeye interruption. For example, Infistar admin comes with premade .txt you are supposed to put in the battleye folder, are they there to help anti-hacking effort? or purely to allow infistar to work properly without getting blocked itself? I've searched a lot, and read a lot, but cannot wrap my head on the battleeye side of things. With filters or not, players still getting kicked when they use/buy any CUP vehicles, so I'm confused to say the least. Any help is appreciated.
  2. ever since 1.58 patch, my server is crashing "program not responding", meaning my auto-restart will not restart since the program doesn't auto-close. Anyone else having this issue? any way to have the not responding program auto-close? *********** Update: Server seems to crash mainly when logging into any type of RCON program into the server.
  3. cGs! mIKE

    Stop Map Markers?

    Is there a feature with infistar to block the map markers? I found that some players are able to import photos of nude pictures and some how paste them all over our map on the server. Is there some sort of block for map markers completely?
  4. cGs! mIKE

    Stop Map Markers?

    Yes, block all "global" markers, maybe allow only group markers to be displayed. We get spammers constantly on our server spamming our map with thousands of markers to annoy everyone else.
  5. What is weird, is 3rd person isn't working regardless of the settings of thirdPersonView=1; is this supposed to be set to 2?
  6. Perfect, I feel stupid for not knowing about that one. Learn something new every day. So, we just edit this with the profile settings we want and then change the server config to use custom? instead of exile.regular?
  7. i can't figure out for the life of me where these so called server "profiles" are located. even doing a search doesn't come up with anything. is this for people who've ran custom profiles before? meaning if we didn't do a custom profile before we need to create it?
  8. Anyone know how to properly have the server run day time for 1 hour, then give a complete 15 to 20 minute night cycle? then rinse and repeat. We run a 3 hour restart timer as well if that helps point me in the right direction? I see other similar threads, but they seem old. Not sure if they still work. regards, Mike
  9. For those that have a broken UI or missing scripts (not working scripts), it is because you added the SAFEZONE code to the TOP of your init.sqf. Make sure you put: call ExileClient_system_map_initialize; // fix for 1.58 safezones and markers at the very end of your init.sqf , add the code above. everything will work then, including your bottom status bar.
  10. cGs! mIKE

    1 hour day, 20 minute night...then repeat

    Thank you Second_coming, your AI Script is the best in the biz. Love it, and thank you for adding time to your script, makes it easier all under one script.
  11. cGs! mIKE

    A3AP (Arma 3 Admin Panel) For ExileMod

    when do you expect to release? And yes, your response answered exactly what I was asking. thank you. -mIKE
  12. cGs! mIKE

    A3AP (Arma 3 Admin Panel) For ExileMod

    How much access do you as the cloud operator have to server side files, etc? or is it giving access purely to our database? I can see many server owners worried about too much access given to where code/content can be compromised. regards, -mIKE
  13. Hello Infistar, My request would be a way to enter server messages to displayed at a certain time or interval throughout the time the server is up and running. I 100% know and understand BEC already does this, but a good chunk of servers do not want to run BEC as it seems outdated (yes I know it still works). I noticed you already have the auto-reply function in place which tells me you have a good understanding of the chat/message system, along with already server restart messages. maybe "first time it is run", "what intervals to be repeated", "message to be sent" ["5","30", "this server is brought to you by..."], ["8","15", "This server is protected by infistar..."], ["7","45", "join us on teamspeak @..."], just an idea, I know I would love the hell out of and not force me to run BEC for this function. regards,
  14. The idea would be that have your existing features teleport, freeze, restrain but be able to apply GROUP wide. This would be extremely helpful as most mischievous people work in 2's or 3's on my server, so it would save the time from doing it to each player one by one. Also good uses would be for server events, you can have all players interested in the event to join a pre-made group which then can be all teleported at once. We sometimes run events where we port each player one at a time to an island for a fun server event which takes a lot of time. It would cut our time by a tremendous amount to be able to teleport an entire group to your location. Just throwing out ideas, not to clog up your anti-hack threads. regards, mIKE
  15. Where did place your execute ? initServer? init?
  16. should we use initServer instead? which is more optimal you think? or which file should we execute the original script from?
  17. Hello Everyone, We've been getting a list of players with the following logs: | KeyDown eventhandler changed/added: ID 3 should be 1 or | KeyDown eventhandler changed/added: ID 4 should be 1 Are these EVER false positive? or these 100% someone opening up a hack menu or something of the sort? I've read some places it could be a player using towing or picking up containers? please advise how serious these logs are and if we should ban on sight. thanks, mIKE ps. This is the best anti-hack mod ever. definitely recommend it to all server owners.
  18. cGs! mIKE

    Accuracy of Infistar Anti-hack Event Handler?

    awesome thank you kind sir. Do you have an donation area you can link? I've paid for the software, but would like to help keep food on your table a little further. If you don't mind, post it so myself and others can donate even further. regards, mIKE
  19. I put it in a .sqf, and called from init, but it didn't want to pull up/work. should I do it in a different format?
  20. I was thinking minutes since that seems to be the go-to system for all configs most server owners are working with. A small explanation on top of the file is perfect how you wrote it, I think anyone would understand those instructions: /* by time in minutes [first occurrence after x min, show again after x min, text] */ I think that is self explanatory, and works great. I'll throw this in our mission file, I appreciate you writing this up. I think others will appreciate it as it completes the infistar even further as the "all-in-one" package all server owners need. I see a lot of people post about "server notifications" and "server messages", which you already nailed down. Again, amazing work on infistar, love it. -Mike
  21. cGs! mIKE

    Accuracy of Infistar Anti-hack Event Handler?

    Thanks for the reply, Is there a way to add addons to some sort of whitelist? or add their functions to be excluded from the checks? that way there aren't any false positives.
  22. cGs! mIKE

    Frustrated to the point of quitting

    hey Minkisan, Sounds like you are getting kicked for common issues. Post your RPT logs here if you can on the forum so server admins like myself can help you out. I'll be more than happy to look at them. You can PM me if that is better for you, although RPT logs do not show any personal information, or giving up any special coding, so you should feel safe posting here.
  23. cGs! mIKE

    Let the trader Camping begin!

    Simple, play on a PVE server if you are a wimp and can't handle actually playing a "survival" game. Or if you actually enjoy "survival" then play on a PVP server. Last time I checked, Exile was supposed to be centered around "surviving", it isn't surviving if you risk NOTHING while you play, might as well go back to playing farmville, there is more risk there losing your crops. Good players adapt, just like NoMercy-NoRegrets has been stating, he is 100% correct. Players that complain about being camped, or dying, should really stick to PVE (AI Encounters Only) servers.
  24. cGs! mIKE

    Let the trader Camping begin!

    Some of the most deadly players on my server, the type that people are "afraid" to run into are all solo players... aka the Lone wolf. They are quiet, they take their time, they stalk, and they kill. I watched one player today kill one player in a group of 4, as the friends of the dead player tried to figure out where the one bullet came from... boom, a 2nd player drops... the other two get in a car and never stop driving. I'm not sure what kind of players are on your server, but at least on mine... the lone wolf are most deadly and most feared.