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  1. Thanks @Rallebabz #streamer for applying! Welcome aboard! We've updated out template, please use the new template found on the original thread! We're looking to grab some more late night NA members! Come on down and join the team!
  2. iZerk

    rookie looking for some people to team with

    Hey there @strider12 I've added you on steam, we're looking to expand out into the late night NA which depending on what part of AU you're from would be your afternoons into evenings!Here's our Credentials! Check us out!Waiting for your response! Cheers!
  3. iZerk

    Looking for group. Texas player

    Hey there @jodaddy71 I've added you on steam, would like to have you part of our team if you're be interested! Here's our Credentials! Check us out! Waiting for your response! Cheers!
  4. Thank you @Da6d for applying! I appreciate your interests into joining our team! added you on steam, waiting for your response!
  5. Update! We've updated the recruitment template [PLEASE USE UPDATED VERSION] We are looking for expand our EU/AU Timezone team, come one come all!!
  6. Thanks @RiZ for applying! I am so happy to see your energy and vibe, and think you'd be a great addition to our team! I've added you on steam...waiting for your reply! Update: -I've tweaked the app, instead where it said "Discord#:" it is now Discord Name/#" because i need the whole name as well as your account # to add you fully via discord.....example: iZerk#9859 is mine. Also! We're still looking for some nice late night NA members and or EU members! Come one come all to our community!
  7. Update!: We are back and at it once again! Looking for some fresh new meat to join up on our team! Added: -New Roster Banner -In application template, there is now an option to put Discord # -Community Council Discord Contact Information [Bottom of thread]
  8. Thanks @a4a1 for taking the time and posting an application! I've spoken to you on our discord! Welcome Aboard! We are reviving our group and making it strong once again! Come join in on the action!
  9. Ello Boys! We're back! We did take some time off for it was time for some fresh content, but not it seems we can't get enough exile. Recruiting once again!
  10. @The Rowdy American Thank you for applying, can't wait for you to join us! We are looking for members in EU Timezone too! We Welcome all!