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  1. Updated.
  2. Updated.
  3. Still waiting.... Let's get the main repo back up and running please. @Super Jerome Tks
  4. Oh yes! I learned this from the wonderful @kuplion because of his helipads for vehicle spawn pads script. Use ExecVM for longer scripts, where as this is only spawning "Vehicles" so it's not long and needs to be executed regardless of time of queues
  5. I do not advise you sell vehicles with this script. Use the normal way of selling vehicles.
  6. No problem, ned. Also call compile is used because call does not add the script to a queue where as execVM adds the script to the back of a queue and the last thing we need is map objects being queued to spawn. ExecVM also creates a thread for that particular script, so having it execVM'd is performance heavy especially of you have a few things being execVM'd already. For map objects, always call compile.
  7. Send your RPT via a pastebin link please.
  8. Still waiting for this version to be a pull request to my repo so i can push it to ExAd. https://github.com/GamingAtDeathsDoor/ExAd
  9. Because that map is ass. It's South Zegora yakno and no one downloaded it. Mike has sent you here to upload this trash "fix" using a WHILE loop. You triggered enough people to get @Eichi to come out of hibernation just to tell you... "we already do that". Imagine you aren't running Exile with that Map.... the nights would be even darker. Did you even read your own question? The map makes it EVEN darker by default for "That DayZ feel" by using filters. Also probably in a While True loop. It's obviously down to the map. Trash Map. Trash Dev. While {true} do {insult mike}; << Only While loop i'd ever use!
  10. while true loops are trash. Quit telling people to use them.

  11. Exile, by default is brighter at night anyway. While true loops are trash. Close this thread pls.
  12. Uh oh
  13. Hello, It's been a while so here is something simple... I was going to make this a default part of ExAd originally but i decided to close ExAd for the greater good and made this and forgot to release it. Scroll wheel on a blown up vehicle to start salvaging it. It gives a progress bar on the screen and Junk metal arrives at your feet along with the body/bodies of the people in the wreck of the vehicle! It is a very simple, very lightweight script that does what it says on the tin! Link: https://github.com/GamingAtDeathsDoor/Vehicle_Salvage Update v1.0.0: Added, an option to require a tool to salvage the vehicle. Added, an array to define multiple tools. Added, an option to define whether junk is given in return. Added, an option to set the percentage chance for each junk item to drop. Added, Junk given array for you to define. Added, a few if functions to state different things depending on your settings. Added, The script will check for the vehicle's name and tell you it in the Exile toast. Thanks to @El Rabito For the testing help and suggestions to the script. More to come! Update v1.0.1 Added, Option to require different tool sets depending on the type of vehicle. (Car, Tank, Air, Boat.) Added, Option for different junk to drop depending on type of vehicle. Changed, Configs for the script moved into separate file now called "Customize.sqf" Enjoy!
  14. Quite possibly but i've been told off now so I shan't say much else.
  15. I'll goo see a doctor. B+ for the help.