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  1. I've been away for awhile because of hardware issues. I should be back up and running and able to help hopefully Friday. My current set up only works to aide in working on code, but what killed me is that I couldnt really help test stuff out. I have a new computer on the way that will allow me to test, and hopefully run a private server on it so I can build code set ups before I pass them on to people. My goal is to eventually have working packages that can be modified for servers to use. They won't be downloadable unless I get permission from the original scripters. And I will admit, I will probably be to lazy to do all that. So, if I go down that path, I will end up doing screen shots of set ups I will have available at some point.
  2. I dont have time to do it full time. Have helped 2 people so far.
  3. I have experience modding and a lil bit of scripting. I may be a bit rusty but i enjoy helping new servers get set up and running. If you want to know more just reply or message me. Always down to help anyone.
  4. ive been trying to get the recycle trader to look into crates, but cant seem to figure it out
  5. About me: I am 27 years old from the US, I am in college, though just starting, to be a general computer programmer with a generalized knowledge in IT. I am not the greatest at writing code but I can read it very well and constantly learning. Experience: Several projects ranging from Minecraft to ARK to DayZ Mod servers. I have played around with Life code a little bit and Epoch code. I am a fast learner and can easily add scripts,maps and mods or anything required of. I have a bit of experience with inifstar, but more of a fan of custom scripted admin tools as they can be a bit easier to adjust.
  6. Just giving this a shot cause I want to get back into scripting. I haven't really written any scripts but I am very good at reading and adjusting, also adding in scripts. My biggest claim to fame is starting the trend of quick trading back on dayz epoch. Although I never claimed to be the person to do it, my players who a few i'm still in contact with, know for a fact I was the first to poke around in it, never perfected it like it is today. Secondly, my experience with adjustments and learning how to adjust server code and config files goes from Minecraft servers, to ARK, to Arma 2 and Arma 3. I helped run epoch servers, dayz servers, co op servers but never really got to play around with exile but I am a fast learner. If it can be done I can do it. For maturity wise, I am up their in age at 27 and availability is pretty much anytime. I am from the USA and the state of Wyoming, so Mountain Time Standard Time Zone.