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  1. Smok3

    infinstar broken with potato?

    Was wondering if anyone else had a problem with infinstar not letting you spawn anything in or change pop/respect?
  2. Smok3

    1.62 Bug Fixes/Discussion

    Seeing as i was looking at server files most of the day. I was pretty tired at the end and well i added a comma where there shouldn't of been one lol.
  3. Smok3

    1.62 Bug Fixes/Discussion

    Fixed it finally. Gotta stop doing stuff on server when i'm so fuking tired lol.
  4. Smok3

    1.62 Bug Fixes/Discussion

    Did what you said. But now says same error on line 14 lol.
  5. Smok3

    1.62 Bug Fixes/Discussion

    Thank you. Missed that.
  6. Smok3

    1.62 Bug Fixes/Discussion

    Trader city north of Leqa on the ferry dock. You cannot buy vehicles. Also using the Exile Tanoa mission file. thier is an eroor on loading in server in the tanoa mission config file @ line 45. Also you cannot spawn in anything with Infinstar at the moment. This is using the Exile Tanoa mission file.
  7. Smok3

    bush kits

    You don't. You have to wait till the fall for leaves to change and fall off you
  8. Smok3

    Bambi Slayer Revenge

    Karma bro. Get Some!! lol.
  9. Smok3

    I am a very angry player

    Where do we find these "people"??
  10. Smok3


    jjvaardt, what servers you tryin to join? Apex Tanoa?
  11. Smok3


    Try that guide i put up.
  12. A little guide to help you connect with 0.9.8 Kiwi; 1, Delete Exile from Arma 3 folder and reinstall a freshly downloaded version of 0.9.8 Kiwi. 2. Remove the mission file from AppData\Local\Arma 3 for the server you are trying to connect to. 3. Add -malloc=system to Arma 3 launch parameters. 4. Make sure everything is updated. IE: Arma, Mods, the server you are trying to join. 5. If you CTD, keep trying to rejoin the server. Give it 3-4 tries. Albeit, this guide is not a be all end all. Just a completion of things that have worked for others here on the forums. You may not need to do everything in the list or you may have to try them all. Will continue to edit this if i find other things that have helped. Enjoy. And a BIG thank you to Exile Devs.
  13. Smok3

    0.9.8 Minor Bugs

    No hexes for families. only see em for groups. I still have not seen any family icons.
  14. Smok3

    Black Screen for all other Players but not me

    update infinistar. also see here: