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  1. oSoDirty

    Object p3d

    I'll have a look at substance painter then. Thanks for the tip, still very new to modelling.
  2. oSoDirty

    Object p3d

    Probably a long shot, but I was wondering if there was anyway a dev would be willing to share the unbinarized empty water bottle p3d. I have been modelling different bottles and the UV layouts I'm getting are just AIDS and I'm simply not good enough with graphic design to skin and label the layouts I'm getting. fml right? TIA, Dirty.
  3. When I change to static locations, the radius no longer detects that a player is capping the point. The only changes I made are adding the coordinates to the array and set isStatic to true. I can set them back to false and they work again, just spawn on hills and everywhere that makes it impossible to enter the buildings on Napf. Any insight to this would be appreciated. Edit - It was a mistake, had rotation and height mixed up. All good now.
  4. oSoDirty

    [Release] Xtended base raiding mechaniX

    @D-Day Josh I would need to see RPT and database logs. DB logs will be in: @exileserver \ extdb \ logs \ 2016 \ 9 \ (current date) There is a number of things that could be wrong, please upload the log files to a dropbox and post links. In the database you would just need to double click the schema you're trying to alter then run the sql, and what your looking for is the "is_trap" column in the containers table, the raid history would only throw errors when someone was raiding, not break the server. Now if you properly replaced the container load file serverside and is_trap isn't a column, that will break the server because the file will be looking for the column on boot and simply not start if it's not there. Edit: Looking at your config.cpp, the spacing on line 3273 and 3354 is off, the first needs to be tabbed back once, the 2nd 3 times. I honestly don't know that it would cause an issue, tbh I'm pretty sure it wouldn't, but it's always worth a try.
  5. oSoDirty

    [Release] Xtended base raiding mechaniX

    Check your RPT and database logs. As far as I know the only 2 things in this script that will cause a server to not load are mismatched database tables/container load call and improper config.cpp entries. I would Imagine with the update being over a month old if it wasn't functioning with a proper install I would have heard about it by now.
  6. oSoDirty

    [Release] Xtended base raiding mechaniX

    @D-Day Josh I haven't been playing arma at all lately and didn't know about the update. What isn't working?
  7. oSoDirty

    [Release] Xtended base raiding mechaniX

    @NeverAgain If you only want the doors and gates, just leave out the interaction menu entries for safes in the config.cpp
  8. oSoDirty

    I keep spawning outside the map on my server

    This is just a warning that the devs put it for newbs that add guns to their server with prefixed attachments that are easily duped. Below it should be a list of guns that need to be removed from tables/traders.
  9. oSoDirty

    [Release] Xtended base raiding mechaniX

    Rigging walls would be useless, the explosives that take down the walls will ignore the trap anyway. Coding it otherwise will ruin Exile's built in raiding mechanics. I coded this to be different than hacking intentionally. A. It already exists. B. Laptops are in traders and makes it too easy for this method. If you have easy access to the tools to raid bases, then there is no stopping anyone from raiding your base. Their are no map markers because it's not announced to the entire server, only members of the territory leaving the grid coords in the notification more than efficient. Besides, the map is already congested AF with markers as is.
  10. oSoDirty

    APEX item help?

    The easiest way to do this by FAR, is to use the loot table compiler in the downloads section. Just remove the items from there, run the compiler then copy the new tables over the existing.
  11. oSoDirty

    Need help with this error message

    While you may not be running a server, to play the game you are running a client. The error is telling you that you're either not running when needed, running outdated, running newer version than server, or simply running CUP terrains/core and pja310 (GOS Al Rayak) when not needed.
  12. So much of this.... There is nothing worse than a bunch of clueless babies that "know how you should run your server". My personal favorite are the ones that make a ridiculous suggestion that clearly only caters to their wants and when it gets denied they claim your server is going to die because (insert random mod/script/addon here) is essential to every server.
  13. For the sound effect: Find/record a sound you would like to use, convert it to .ogg format. Define it in description.ext like so: class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {0}; class skinning { name = "SkinningSound"; sound[] = {"file\path\skinning.ogg", 1, 1}; titles[] = {0,""}; }; }; then simply call it in the script like so: playSound "skinning";
  14. oSoDirty

    Battleye Kicks - No player can join except myself

    Post some of the kicks in a spoiler. If most kicks are event handler related and have minor differences then you're likely not filtering it properly.
  15. I was just going by your RPT. None of them came up in the rpt you provided. The bit in the RPT referring to CBA is to do with the stacked event handler option in the exile config.