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  1. Hi, I propose to make a control quantity for the military spawn and spawn at the places.
  2. Hallelujah))
  3. Thks))))
  4. NO logs and messages at infistar and rpt, only kick. p.s. Maybe this - Scripting function 'serverask' is not allowed to be remotely executed
  5. I tried both)
  6. This script kicking players with infistar v.91, when handle to traide. Have any solution?
  7. This script kicking players with infistar v.91, when handle to traider.
  8. without VG https://yadi.sk/d/uwtHDpRd3TXZoc
  9. Is there a solution to this override?
  10. So am i have this problem. But new vehicles save to VG
  11. ExileServer_object_vehicle_network_retrieveVehicleRequest. I try retrieve Hunter, server say me "Vehicle does not belong to this territory". Becouse flag not installed to DataBase. Exile_Server_Overrides\ExileServer_system_territory_database_insert.sqf not working.
  12. Does anybody know how to make this script?
  13. Tnks for the answer))))
  14. Hi, I need help, weapons are disappearing on my server, rpt does not include any information. Maybe exile.ini is not correct. Look at my exile.ini
  15. Hi, server spell me this: I think from this: