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  1. Sorry just read further up that it might be Linux related, I am on Windows.
  2. Can confirm A3XAI working as normal with updated Arma, like mentioned above you may be running an old version of it. Use the one provided in the link above and you should be ok.
  3. Razor77

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    Sorry you had to do a full install but at least it's working now. Cheers
  4. Razor77

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    I am not able to go on the pc as I'm away but I have been told by the players the keys are all ok and verify signatures are back at 2
  5. Razor77

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    So simple you got it wrong, It's a gaming host not on his pc. Thanks anyway
  6. Razor77

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    I'm in the UK. Have a look in the update section and select the most recent arma version, then if that's still behind then press the steam update button. The legacy one reverts back to older version. Hope this helps. Also delete the steamapps folder before pressing the update button. Cheers
  7. Razor77

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    You don't have to wait, just press the steam update button. We use gaming deluxe and updated out servers around 6 hours ago.
  8. Razor77

    Better A3XAI or Occupation ?

    i have not had any complaints recently about god mode ai in safe zone, I only added it to the above file no others
  9. Razor77

    Extended Base Mod

    Thanks will do. Cheers
  10. Razor77

    Extended Base Mod

    Hi. Yeah think so as it's working fine, but players are saying they can't move the big dome when they have placed it down so just wondering if I add the above to the menu.hpp file it will allow them to move it. Also the interaction for the paint script, would that allow these items to be painted? (Will get round to testing this weekend, away from pc until then) Thanks
  11. Razor77

    Extended Base Mod

    Is there any reason why I cant add the following to the objects in menu.hpp will it enable players to move and remove the base objects same as it does for exile items? Thanks class Move: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Move"; condition = "call ExileClient_util_world_isInOwnTerritory"; action = "_this spawn ExileClient_object_construction_move"; }; // Removes the construction. class Deconstruct: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Remove"; condition = "call ExileClient_util_world_isInOwnTerritory"; action = "_this spawn ExileClient_object_construction_deconstruct"; };
  12. Razor77

    Problems with doors(cant open it)

    Those doors work fine in default exile without adding the names to any files, its looks more like a simulation error. Have you had this problem from the beginning or has it happened recently after adding anything?
  13. Razor77

    Persistent Tree Chopping

    Does anybody know if it would be possible to adapt this script to only remove selected trees in a players territory, so if a player wanted a few trees to be chopped down and stay down so they can build? And then the tress would come back once base deleted. Thanks
  14. Razor77

    Accurate Restart Time Calculator

    Will post that file very soon, not around pc at the moment. But basically where it tells you in the instructuins to add that line to the file you need to add it to the one in the AVS folder in your PBO as AVS hooks that file.and overrides it again.
  15. Razor77

    Base Payment

    Thank you for the reply. Will do that now. Thanks