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  1. Razor77

    Base Payment

    Thank you for the reply. Will do that now. Thanks
  2. Razor77

    Base Payment

    Hi, I have a player who cant get on our server for a couple of months due to real life stuff and I am wanting to make his flag and base safe, if I changed the last payment date in the database for his flag to a future date eg 1st December 2018 will that keep his base safe until the amount we set base payment to be paid (15 days) have passed this date? Or.....there is a box that I could tick that says NULL next to each last payment date, if I check that box will that make the base remain until unchecked? Thanks in advance
  3. Razor77

    The proper way of editing difficulties in detail

    anybody have a copy of this please. Thanks
  4. Will be adding this version in the next few days to our servers and will report back how it goes. Thanks for the hard work on this one @Ghostrider-DBD
  5. Looks amazing. Great work @Bones51
  6. Is anybody still using this currently, is it working without any updates needed? Thanks Edit. Working perfect
  7. Been no updates, but is working ok still.
  8. Razor77

    Flag Hacking 1.0.4

    Totally agree there @aussie battler, had some good scripts from @Cloud22. Another helpful, creative person leaving the exile community. Hope its not permanent.
  9. Thanks for the reply @Bones51 managed to sort it eventually. Great work again on this updated version, working pretty good now.
  10. Razor77

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

  11. How is the price of the repair worked out? want to lower it as at the moment full repair is over 4k. Thanks
  12. Razor77

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    Looking at adding this again as it's a brilliant addition. We had to remove it last time as FPS did drop and also they still stole vehicles even though it was set to false. Thanks in advance. And great work on getting this working ok.
  13. Yeah bit of a strange one, seems ok now. Thanks