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  1. Frisko

    How to Exile Chernarus (or any other map)

    does any1 have a mission file for the Bornholm map ? i have searched the internet and cant find one anywhere. would appreciate if someone had 1 laying around for sharing
  2. do you have the files for exile 0.9.41 clementine? i cant get this to work at all need a indept explanation if possible for installing these mods on my server.
  3. I have a real hard time to understand how to install @CUP on a server. i have followed some of the guides here on But my English is not the best so i would seriously appreciate if somebody could help me out. I am "kinda" new to being a server owner to Arma3 so i might not be the best to understand it. And i would really like the help in an indept explenation. Thanks in advance