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  1. Ive recently bough a server from GTX but its above my head ive had some help setting it up but want to make changes but havent got a clue what to do , I want a group of players who can play have fun and enjoy the game in a PVE environment with limited areas for PVP
  2. Thank you Jerome that looks exactly like what I need might be a bit over my head but I’ll give it a go many thanks .
  3. Where is the place to go ? I guess the guy saying go to google is right unfortunately I don’t know what to look for !! I want a few vehicles about to sell to the trader a few that need repaired and a load of zombies is their a bank of ready made pbo files or mission files somewhere like Armaholic does with all the other Arma mission files ? I don’t have a clue how to code and make mission files but I can probably put them in the mp mission folder and run them if their are some ready made .
  4. Hi folks, I am a total noob when it comes to servers, well kind of. So far I have updated the server top 1.0.3 Lemon and seem to have got it running I need to know where to find a mission to go in I.E. when things appear and you need to go and kill thegurads in order to get the loot box or is that already included? Al;so where is the best place to look for mission files and do I just drop them into the MP Missdions file on my server? well sicne posting the good news it it runs now i want to add ingame missions and vehicles and a trader can anyone help please?
  5. I was using a server but kept getting kicked I think it may have been connected to ping im not sure. I have bought a 30 slot server on GTX, I want it to have mission and market traders including zombies and vehilces if possible. Ok where to start please? I have changed the config etc to the names and passwords i need I have installed 1.0.3 Lemon. I dont know where to get a mission map from or where to put it on the server. any help is extremely gratefull and also as a noob im willing to in vite total noobs to the server which I want to be PVE many thanks in advance if anyone can help me.