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  1. Just to show you my scripts.log afterinstalling clean exile and infistar After fixing this errors works great but who know how many more false kicks can we expect leather in the game. Chriss, really, really bad job this time.
  2. lopata

    [EU] CroHQ.org & BigBx.com

    Croatian Exile Battlefield
  3. lopata

    Bigbx Elite - Croatian Exile

    It's easy to find us if you type http://bigbx.mooo.com port 2302 in your arma remote server browser. Easiest way is to to download this (we recommended) small desktop connection tool. http://bx.bigbx.com/images/arma/index.htm
  4. lopata

    Bigbx Elite - Croatian Exile

    Bigbx Elite - Croatian Exile Battlefield IP address is dynamic, but you always can find us on server list or via remote server :bigbx.mooo.com port 2302