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  1. Sorry M8, that was a long time ago. And I do not remember...... Admin please close this thread
  2. Thanks! We can close this.
  3. This worked for me. Thanks. For future reference, what should I keep my eye on for updates and 'new dll's'. I was unaware of this.
  4. I backed up my server and did some changes... I received an error from the armalog.log. 29.10.2017 18:26:46: Start verification ERROR #1 29.10.2017 18:26:46: Start verification ERROR #2 29.10.2017 18:26:46: ERROR: 29.10.2017 18:26:46: Remove the infiSTAR files or you won't be able to start the server! Reverted to the back up server files, and still getting the same error... any ideas?
  5. Great Work!!!! My clan will love this!! And anyone else that would like to join!! Thanks for all the hard work!!
  6. @DEADPOOL_ZA I just watched the video on page 1 of this post. Exclaimer! ***I have not tired to install this yet, I have not read all 190 pages on this forum.*** One thing I did notice is, @infiSTAR on his awesome install instructions states: 06. Go to "infiSTAR.de_Exile\MPMission" - move all the files into your currently used MPMission - Open the description.ext in your MPmission with a notepad - find "class CfgRemoteExec {};" (might also have something within the {} curly brackets) - remove it! - now add these 2 lines in the file: #include "CfgRemoteExec.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp" On the video the CfgRemoteExec is still there... This is a note I will keep in mind when I install this after I go get another beer....
  7. im a noob, figured it out....
  8. So I'm trying to get this server up, 3 days and counting. Fixed 2 errors, now this one.... Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.xcamtaunus' Googled and did what everyone said about this ' 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds' ' error Still to no avail... Any and all help is much appreciated!! I only see 9 of these maps up.... wanted to add another, maybe there is a reason only 9 are up...
  9. I found it at https://github.com/Hellstyrant/Exile.xcam_taunus.pbo Hopefully this can help someone else. Close this tag please I just needed 1 more hour to find it i guess...
  10. So I down loaded this new map from http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32107 .. I'm comparing the downloaded file to the Tonoa PBO and it does not have anything in it... Not sure how to make this new map work... Thanks in advanced
  11. Towing was not working on my server with the new infiSTAR update. I changed this to "false", and now towing works again! Just kidding, towing is not working. Able to deploy rope, but does not stay connected.....
  12. I'm all good now guys! this thread can be closed now. Thanks!!!
  13. So in fact I do have this file, located in my 'Arma 3 Server' file. I have right-clicked and unblocked it. Still getting same error... Any Ideas guys/gals?
  14. //Running server through NFO VDS, os is 2008 r2, I have installed https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 <-- this then I repaired it, then deleted it and reinstalled it, then repaired it again. Then I rinsed and repeated. I am still getting this arma3server.exe - system error... Oh, and i have installed the 2010, 2013 and 2015 versions too. Any help would be great. Thanks in advanced!
  15. I am having the same issue. where should the @Exile file be located at?