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  1. C][G GhostTown™

    Exile TraderCity Sign (custom skin)

    Looks awesome!! If you need anything else just hollar
  2. C][G GhostTown™

    Exile TraderCity Sign (custom skin)

    They are 512 x 256 and yes that will work
  3. C][G GhostTown™

    Exile TraderCity Sign (custom skin)

    You save your image as a .png Than download TexView2 that turns the .png into a .paa
  4. C][G GhostTown™

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    I understand being new to a forum... but you can't tell me that you never heard of spoilers or even think a wall of text is fun for people to read lol...
  5. C][G GhostTown™

    Poptabs for donations... wtf

    He deleted it cause he is now selling his work on a site I won't mention but he also had a takedown request. He has another github setup that has full code of private work such as the entire code of scripts and other people's work that is not even suppose to be public. One of them is Infistar and @infiSTAR said he is going to file a DMCA request.
  6. C][G GhostTown™

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    The fog is extremely strong and I would also like to reduce the fog as well. What is the best way to do so?
  7. C][G GhostTown™

    [WIP] Exile Taunus Project

    They are a super nice crew! The map is gorgeous I think, if you need anything let me know
  8. C][G GhostTown™

    [WIP] Exile Taunus Project

    He is just making Trader's and such for it. It will need to be requested to be added to A3L which I would love! Going to request it myself.
  9. I am pretty sure I already know the answer but just want to confirm. When using VG, Vehicles must be retrieved/used in so many days to prevent deletion from the DB correct? Say I have my vehicle deletion timer at 5 days, That means in 4 day's they should at least retrieve the vehicle and use it? or does VG have it's own system?
  10. C][G GhostTown™

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    How close to restart?
  11. C][G GhostTown™

    Zombie mod troubles

    Ryans will run in Exile... but it requires alot of custom markers and such. There is also a new zombie mode called sm_zombz! I suggest trying that
  12. I have different sizes and tried them all. Same issue. This works fine yes lol I was just trying to have everything in Exad instead of multiple scripts is all
  13. What's working? His image? yes cause his is black lol. Or did you add your custom image? is it black by default lol Cause for me it makes my: Look like: And yes I have a .paa of all my custom images. Just can't upload that as a image to show
  14. It's not us. It's the script, I have custom images for everything else and they work fine. For what ever reason Exad makes the watermark black but app icons are normal.