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  1. dadirusso

    RHS Grenades not work!

    Yeah You can do it. You just need to debinarise config make edit, then binarise and put it back inside exile_client
  2. dadirusso

    RHS Grenades not work!

    Hi! I'm trying to find a way to make this without mod. In which file Ii must make this edit, because i cant find it
  3. Hi guys! Few days I'm trying to come out with this problem. I want turn off party names in green on and waypoints. How can I do it?
  4. dadirusso

    Hide server files(mission file)

    Thank You! Will try
  5. dadirusso

    Hide server files(mission file)

    Hi guys! I've heared that there is a possibility to hide server files from players to prevent "steal ideas", exactly move mission loading on server. How can I do it or how can I move just some files out? config.cpp description.ext initPlayerLocal.sqf initServer.sqf mission.sqm
  6. dadirusso


    But if Iwant change code so inside game I can turn on all lights that I want (example floodlight and shabby), how can I do it? Because I dont want place it by mapping, I wanna craft them
  7. dadirusso


    How can I add there "_floodLights = _portableGenerator nearObjects ["Exile_Construction_FloodLight_Static", 50];" other type of lights? I've tried all ways but cant figure how can I do it. Portable generator starts but light doesnt turn on.
  8. Hi @kuplion! Tried to substitute old exilez 2.0 with yours and add new feature, helicrashes. There was few zombies with the same configurations, maybe next time will test it better. Now I've reinstalled for players old exilez 2.0 and loot doesnt want spawn or spawns few of them. Maybe the error started with the modification in CfgExileCustomCode?
  9. dadirusso

    Finding huntable animals - or spawning them

    I've setuped new server but there arent any animal class or configs inside config.cpp
  10. dadirusso

    Chernarus Redux Loot Spawns

    Try with this. For me I've solved with this post
  11. dadirusso

    Cannot load texture ivy01_edge.paa freezes game.

    How can I deactivate it on server side so noone will see this error on connection? map chernarusredux
  12. dadirusso

    Where can i find arma 3 exile items list

    And how it's called flag item? I wanna put it in spawn
  13. dadirusso

    Chernarus Redux Loot Spawns

    Have you added rhs to the loottable? Can you see it?
  14. dadirusso

    Chernarus Redux Loot Spawns

    Hi at All! I've got very interesting trouble. I've done all positions for maybe 70% of buildings for redux, will fix them after and share if you want, in all of them spawn only arma weapons and equipment, but I removed it all and added RHS items. Rhs items doesnt spawn but arma still spawn without problem. How it possible? And this isn't my first server