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  1. Possibly in the fn_airstrike.sqf located in the server pbo (a3_zcp_exile\functions), maybe after line 70, specifically ZCP_AS_unitPilot moveInDriver _ZCP_AS_plane; so it might look something like this.... line 70 ... _ZCP_AS_unitPilot moveInDriver _ZCP_AS_plane; line 71 ... [_ZCP_AS_unitPilot] setVariable ["DMS_AllowFreezing",false,true]; <--- add I used something very similar in the Apoc AirDrop script and it fixed an issue where the Ai heli would freeze when an airdrop was called. Note - it's been sometime since I've messed around with any Arma3/Exile. I don't recall ever having an issue where the bomber-run would freeze, even when using the latest/greatest DMS and with DMS freeze enabled so not sure if what I suggested will help. Good luck!!!
  2. Probably could add the following right after the bomber/pilot is first created. _[objectname] setVariable ["DMS_AllowFreezing",false,true]; Might help??? GL
  3. launch_B_Titan_F fyi - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgWeapons_Weapons
  4. Heavy

    How to add Refuel Sound?

    Before jerry can gets filled, use... playsound "refuel"; E.g _vehicle removeItem "Exile_Item_FuelCanisterEmpty"; playsound "refuel"; _vehicle addItem "Exile_Item_FuelCanisterFull";
  5. Heavy

    Need help with wages code

    I believe MGT DB had posted a similar script a while ago that he was either working on or had implemented on his servers. I have a version I modified for my buddy's server I can post however it does not save pop tabs to DB, which can probably be added but I prefer the "use it or lose it" idea.
  6. Heavy

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    To get the countermeasures to fire again when the cargo is dropped, modify the fn_startAirdrop.sqf in the exad_apoc_airdrop.pbo. Below is what worked for me. From: _heli fire "CMFlareLauncher"; _heli fire "CMFlareLauncher"; To: [_heli, "CMFlareLauncher"] call BIS_fnc_fire; [_heli, "CMFlareLauncher"] call BIS_fnc_fire; *Enjoy, cause I know how much we need our pretty little fireworks working
  7. Heavy

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    Well, if you're missing a ; or bracket somewhere, it should say in your server's RPT log. Something has to be missing or commented out. If you installed it following instructions to a T then something is jacked clientside. We can rule out it being serverside as the heli show's up and drops the crate. Check your item arrays.
  8. Heavy

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    Ah, ok. Makes sense now.
  9. Heavy

    [XM8 App] Apoc's Airdrop Assistance

    With default configs did you replace any of the server-side files? Did you re-add the _grp setVariable ["DMS_AllowFreezing",false,true]; part?
  10. Heavy

    Added 2 Exile

    Yeah, that's some really nice work there. Would love to see a sign for the scuba trader Keep up the great work!
  11. S. Again, great work bro, I'm amazed by the amount of detail you put into each and every release. Keep it up sir! I modified your latest build, specifically the boat icon for the scuba trader and changed it to use the "ExileDiversTraderIcon" icon. IMO, seemed to fit the "theme" much better. Also, not sure if this has already been addressed however in the intPlayerLocal.sqf, for each of the additional aircraft traders you included a Exile_Trader_VehicleCustoms which I'm assuming you meant to use a Exile_Trader_AircraftCustoms instead? Easy fix it was. As someone mentioned, close to the radiation zone, the guard and the surrounding objects are raised, not sitting level on the ground. An easy fix is to comment out the new additions/NPC, and use the guard/objects from the first release. I included the signs from the new release and it turned out quite nice plus I prefer the guard with the gas mask and less objects. One of the bar gates (East one) was slightly raised off the ground, so I had to tweak that as well to make it sit flush. *just noticed a few posts up the recent update? The OP for Tanoa part 2 must be an old build then?
  12. The Chernarus release looks wonderful "S". You are very talented, thank you for the addon. Is there any chance of you adding a bridge from the mainland to Skalisty Island and possibly a single boat trader...maybe in the South part of the map? Many thanks for your time and effort, keep up the great work kind sir!
  13. Heavy

    Disable standard HUD

    1. Create an .sqf called disable_hud 2. Paste the following into it... disableSerialization; waitUntil {(!isNil {uiNamespace getVariable "RscExileHUD"})}; while {true} do { uiSleep 1; _display = uiNamespace getVariable "RscExileHUD"; _ctrl = _display displayCtrl 1300; _ctrl ctrlSetPosition [-10,-10,0,0]; _ctrl ctrlCommit 0; }; 3. Call the disable_hud .sqf from the TOP (before anything else) of the initPlayerLocal.sqf e.g. execVM "scripts\disable_hud.sqf"; 4. Enjoy! *note - if you have a server watermark in the lower left hand corner, depending on the size of the watermark, this may block it. I had to move mine to the upper right corner.
  14. As always, your effort is much appreciated sir, thanks again Chris
  15. Hi Chris (a.k.a infiSTAR) For your next release of the AH/AT any chance you could add the option to use an alternative tag than the standard Admin one? See below. E.g. AdminNameTag = "[Admin], [Owner], [Dev]"; ~Dankeshon