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  1. kuplion

    Ama 1.88 Bugs MEGATHREAD

    Windows. But please keep addon discussion in the thread you linked rather than here, thank you.
  2. kuplion

    Ama 1.88 Bugs MEGATHREAD

    Once again, this thread is for Exile and Arma. Nothing else. But just to put it out there, A3XAI runs absolutely fine on 1.88, I maintain it myself and work with several communities that have zero issues.
  3. kuplion

    Ama 1.88 Bugs MEGATHREAD

    Good fix, thank you.
  4. kuplion

    Ama 1.88 Bugs MEGATHREAD

    Folks, this thread is for Exile and Arma 1.88. Not for addons and other mods..!!!!
  5. kuplion

    Respect based loadouts & UID loadouts.

    That would be a simple if then statement.
  6. kuplion

    Setting up Napf

    Basically this. If you’re only finding old versions, then either the missions are private or no one cares to update old missions for maps they don’t use.
  7. kuplion

    r3f crate selling

    Looks like Monkey broke it again.
  8. Please post any bugs you encounter with 1.88 Arma involving Vanilla Exile "Pineapple" here. RULES: When posting please include a server RPT and a client RPT (if possible). Please, please, please read the thread to see if your bug has already been posted. Duplicated bug reports will be removed. Do not shit post. The Mod Team will be handing out infractions for any and all shit posting. Check below for bugs we are already aware of. USE THIS TEMPLATE WHEN POSTING BUGS: Information: Operating System, version? Post your system specifications. (Hardware) Please try to include helpful evidence related to the bug, such as screenshots and videos Include pastebins for your server AND client .RPTs (http://www.pastebin.com) Bug Description: A concise description of what the problem is. Pure description, no narrative or conversational language. Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: Describe anything you did to try to fix it on your own. Known Bugs: N/A
  9. kuplion

    r3f crate loading

    General Discussion is not the place for support, please use the correct forum or pre-existing thread for the add on in question.
  10. kuplion

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    Remove or comment out each line that has “Number of inputs” on it.
  11. If you wanted, but there is no need to if you're not using the SC_useApexClasses option.
  12. Right ok, if you look at the file you're referring to (Config.sqf) the second set of calls is inside the block for this: if(SC_useApexClasses) then So they are only used if you were using APEX classnames and wanted to keep it separate from non APEX classnames.