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  1. Missions are handled by an addon called DMS, you’ll find it in the addons section of the forum.
  2. I'll take a look at the script again. I'm sure someone did a modification of it to do that, if memory serves..
  3. Ohhhhh. Haha, now I feel stupid! I'll see what I can work out to maybe add it as a config option.
  4. Where does it show the temp in the corner?
  5. I don’t believe there is one, so make it yourself.
  6. There doesn’t look to be anything wrong with that file so the probably must exist elsewhere?
  7. Unfortunately we took it down because pretty much everyone who joined said they loved it but would come back when it was busy.. We'd easily have 20-30 players per restart say that. Very frustrating because if they'd just stayed online it would have been busy.
  8. That's because they're ported Arma2 skins/models. For some reason the arms always moved waaaay more on those.
  9. Sprinting.
  10. Post your initPlayerLocal to Pastebin and link it here.
  11. Wheeey, that was mine!
  12. Nope, you must have something elsewhere stopping everything after that point running.
  13. It’s based on EZM_MaxTime, decrease that.
  14. I think we’re done here.
  15. Or just set your server date to a full moon and moderate overcast. You can check which dates are full moon in the editor. Simples. Also, while true loops are absolutely janky as hell for performance.