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  1. kuplion

    A3 Launcher does not find server

    Actually this is only partially correct. The mod folders can be called whatever you want, but they do not have to match anything else. A3L pulls the mod information from the meta.cpp contained with the mod folder, so as long as that is present and the mod is present on A3L it will be detected and matched correctly.
  2. kuplion

    Loot Table Compiler für Version 1.0.4

    Explain exactly what you did, the steps you took.
  3. kuplion

    Loot Table Compiler für Version 1.0.4

    Download the loot table compiler from the downloads section. Edit it. Compile it. Done.
  4. kuplion

    A3 Launcher does not find server

    Try posting on the A3L forums instead. We're not affiliated with the launcher.
  5. kuplion

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    Toasts should be working by default.
  6. kuplion

    XM8 Apps Configuration

    Perhaps link back to the original discussion instead of just a random tag? And it would have invalidated your mods as you've now changed the contents of the PBO, meaning the signature is no longer valid. Unless you were to resign that PBO and distribute it to all of your players, it wouldn't have worked. And on the topic "of great mod work", thank you. I'm glad my post helped you resolve your issue. Feel free to not tag me again.
  7. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    That's kind of the fault of the system spawning those vehicles as it's not applying the same variables as Exile does but I'll see what I can work out. You could also try the updated version on the GitHub as it's fixed the locking but in a slightly different way to how DB did it. Try that and let me know if it works.
  8. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    It depends how that seat is defined in the vehicles config. I found copilot seats seem to be turrets and just don’t work without an awful lot of messing around. If you watch the video I was able to access the driver, gunner, and commander seats of a DLC tank using this, but again it’s reliant on the vehicle config being suitable.
  9. kuplion

    XM8 Apps Configuration

    This won't work as you've now edited the mod and invalidated the signatures. Place the image in your mission file and point the location to it there. And please don't randomly tag me. I wasn't part of this discussion.
  10. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Ohhhh, you mean a player can enter the vehicle even when it’s locked? I’ll fix that.
  11. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    I don’t understand? That’s the point of this addon, to allow access to the DLC vehicles without owning the DLC.
  12. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Previously Arma 2 OA had low res textures for DLC items until you purchased the DLC. I vaguely remember Arma 3 doing something different early on in it's life cycle but I don't remember exactly what it was. This is basically my point of view on the subject. BI have said on several occasions that it is functionality left in for mission makers to utilise. If they really really wanted to stop this kind of usage they would add a DLC check in to the moveInXXX commands, but they haven't. Bingo. ^^^ There is even a sale as of 14th February! Grab that DLC whilst it's cheap!!
  13. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Which is why I preface the addon with the suggestion to buy the DLC if you like the content.
  14. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Exile already allows access to DLC items and vehicles, why is this considered any different?
  15. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Let's not start accusing people of resorting to name calling when you're as guilty as everyone else, eh? Oh look, BI's official stance on it. They tolerate it. And they allow one such addon to be available via their own forums.. That wasn't an error, no. But I'll assume yours was.. You see those little green numbers? That's community reputation. Now if you look closely you'll see how one number is bigger than the other, that's because it's a higher number. So tell me again, who has the higher community reputation? I'll wait.. Thankfully not all of us are Christian. The world is a real diverse place and many many different people believe in and follow many many different religions. And did you know, some people don't actually believe in anything, and that's ok too! This adds zero to your argument, but perfectly demonstrates your overarching mindset towards other people, so thank you for that. Thankfully though, where I live women have the choice over what happens inside their bodies! What a time to be alive!! Great quotes. I haven't checked their legitimacy but I don't really need to when they already so perfectly encapsulate your own input into this discussion, and into the forums at large. I feel it's important to also show you that the method used in this addon to allow access is also used within Exile by default when a player purchases a vehicle, whether they have the DLC or not: And then the same also applies to DLC weaponry: And last but not least, take a look at the replies here. It seems like you're the one with the issue but you are content to push that upon everyone else who is happy that they have more options for their player base.