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  1. You should look into Windows 10 LTSC. It's basically all the improvements of 10, with all of the junk ripped out so it's more akin to 7 or even XP in it's simplicity! I was a massive hater of Windows 10 and the malware like campaign Microsoft ran in attempting to force people to update, but LTSC has completely changed my mind on actually using it. I'd never touch a normal version as they're still full of bloatware but LTSC is just brilliant!!
  2. It's a clever little workaround, patching the compatibility check to always return true.
  3. RyanZombies doesn't support uniforms unfortunately. It's breaks animations and a few other things.
  4. kuplion

    Fix combat storing for Virtual Garage.

    Nice find. An alternative fix would be to correct the behaviour in the function: https://pastebin.com/csFJ7XFs
  5. You can do this via scripts, or via a client mod that overrides the default values.
  6. kuplion

    Data breach?

    Happy to help.
  7. kuplion

    [SOLVED] Can I make a Base permanent on the server?

    Sorry for your loss, dude. To achieve this there are a few things to do. First of all do as Z80 said and set the last paid date to 100 years from now, that'll stop it being auto cleared out. Next you'll need to edit my addon to deny raiding if the base owner UID is equal to "XXX". I'd probably also pair that with the safezone idea as you're covered from multiple angles then.
  8. kuplion

    Data breach?

    I have looked into this for you it looks like your account was registered prior to a hack we encountered back in 2016 (link below detailing the event) and as such it may be that your email was taken at that time, though we have not had any more confirmations of this in the time since the hack and reclamation of the website took place.
  9. kuplion

    Data breach?

    I'm locking this whilst I speak with the developers.
  10. Make sure the buildings you're exporting from the editor are only entered into the initServer.sqf file in the mission file.
  11. kuplion

    Unexplainable bugs

    The advice here will be the same as given in the Discord; backup and then rebuild from scratch, add one script/addon at a time and test before adding the next.
  12. kuplion

    firewill am6?

    General Discussion is not for support. Locked.
  13. If you're using DynamicSimulation it's probably that. Increase the ranges in the Exile config.
  14. kuplion

    Persistent vehicle spawn

    General Discussion is not for support. Locked.
  15. Great work here!! @Mahognys, would you mind if I merge these changes into my GitHub version so everyone can access them?