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  1. Just a simple addon to allow players to move in to DLC vehicles. There are a number of other generic Arma addons or scripts that offer similar functionality but they were either outdated or inefficient. Please note, this DOES NOT remove the DLC purchase overlays; if you like the vehicles contained within the DLC and enjoy the content, please consider purchasing the DLC. Features: Native support for all DLC vehicles, including future DLC vehicles, without requiring script updates or changes. Native looking actions, including vehicle name and position description. Uses the native Exile interactions system to provide efficient actions on all DLC vehicles. The only positions not supported are those which use the Arma turret system as there is so much variation between positions from vehicle to vehicle (this includes Co-Pilot seats, and some "Commander" seats are actually turrets, as found in several Prowler variants). Install Instructions: Merge your initPlayerLocal.sqf and Config.cpp files. Add the interaction actions to other vehicle types if required (Air, Ship, Tank..). Ensure file paths are correct for the required override and compiled files. Download Link: https://github.com/kuplion/Exile-Use-DLC-Vehicles Screenshots: (Please note, duplicate entries are shown to demonstrate the look of the action compared to the native actions, and actions are not duplicated in the release version) Video:
  2. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    It depends how that seat is defined in the vehicles config. I found copilot seats seem to be turrets and just don’t work without an awful lot of messing around. If you watch the video I was able to access the driver, gunner, and commander seats of a DLC tank using this, but again it’s reliant on the vehicle config being suitable.
  3. kuplion

    XM8 Apps Configuration

    This won't work as you've now edited the mod and invalidated the signatures. Place the image in your mission file and point the location to it there. And please don't randomly tag me. I wasn't part of this discussion.
  4. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Ohhhh, you mean a player can enter the vehicle even when it’s locked? I’ll fix that.
  5. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    I don’t understand? That’s the point of this addon, to allow access to the DLC vehicles without owning the DLC.
  6. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Previously Arma 2 OA had low res textures for DLC items until you purchased the DLC. I vaguely remember Arma 3 doing something different early on in it's life cycle but I don't remember exactly what it was. This is basically my point of view on the subject. BI have said on several occasions that it is functionality left in for mission makers to utilise. If they really really wanted to stop this kind of usage they would add a DLC check in to the moveInXXX commands, but they haven't. Bingo. ^^^ There is even a sale as of 14th February! Grab that DLC whilst it's cheap!!
  7. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Which is why I preface the addon with the suggestion to buy the DLC if you like the content.
  8. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Exile already allows access to DLC items and vehicles, why is this considered any different?
  9. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Let's not start accusing people of resorting to name calling when you're as guilty as everyone else, eh? Oh look, BI's official stance on it. They tolerate it. And they allow one such addon to be available via their own forums.. That wasn't an error, no. But I'll assume yours was.. You see those little green numbers? That's community reputation. Now if you look closely you'll see how one number is bigger than the other, that's because it's a higher number. So tell me again, who has the higher community reputation? I'll wait.. Thankfully not all of us are Christian. The world is a real diverse place and many many different people believe in and follow many many different religions. And did you know, some people don't actually believe in anything, and that's ok too! This adds zero to your argument, but perfectly demonstrates your overarching mindset towards other people, so thank you for that. Thankfully though, where I live women have the choice over what happens inside their bodies! What a time to be alive!! Great quotes. I haven't checked their legitimacy but I don't really need to when they already so perfectly encapsulate your own input into this discussion, and into the forums at large. I feel it's important to also show you that the method used in this addon to allow access is also used within Exile by default when a player purchases a vehicle, whether they have the DLC or not: And then the same also applies to DLC weaponry: And last but not least, take a look at the replies here. It seems like you're the one with the issue but you are content to push that upon everyone else who is happy that they have more options for their player base.
  10. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Unfortunately you don't get to weigh in on a discussion, attempt to rock the boat and then bow out. I suggest that if you don't have anything constructive to say in future, don't say anything. Once too often do you impose yourself on a discussion here on the forums, add very little to said discussion, and then try to take the high road and leave.
  11. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Thankfully no copyright was breached, eh? This script uses Arma 3 public scripting commands for all parts of it's functionality and I made certain to not remove any DLC overlays or prompts to purchase said DLC. In addition, I stated very clearly at the top of the original post that if you like the DLC vehicles to buy the DLC. The functionality of this script is in no way different to that of Exile or any other mod (Epoch..) that move a player into a vehicle upon purchase, thus performing an action which the player without the DLC would be unable to do from elsewhere in the game world. EDIT: BI official stance, as per Kartinator available on their own forums (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/168455-mrb-arma-3-kartinator/):
  12. kuplion

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    They've happily allowed other unlocker scripts (search "Kartinator" which is actually on their forums) so I've no concerns. It uses normal commands available to anyone.
  13. kuplion

    Pack Quad

    That's not what DB posted; you've just added a random additional line to the interaction for ExAd and completely ignored what DB posted.
  14. kuplion

    Combining Mods and Add-ons

    Happy to help, and thank you for the kind words. I'm a strong believer in taking care of the little things and before you know it, it's a big picture thing instead.
  15. kuplion

    Combining Mods and Add-ons

    Just use the All in One pack: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1208517358
  16. kuplion

    How to create database?

    General Discussion is not for support.
  17. kuplion

    Help with errors (ExileZ)

    Please note that General Discussion is not for support. In future please post in the relevant thread for the addon in question.
  18. kuplion

    Flag Hacking 1.0.4

    You’ve not installed it correctly, as it cannot determin the duration of the hack.
  19. Current version : v1.6.0 # ExileZ Mod by [FPS]kuplion - Based on ExileZ 2.0 by Patrix87 This is a total overhaul/modification of ExileZ 2.0 by Patrix87. The file structure has been cleaned up, along with a number of edits to fix or update functionality. The intention of this modification is to build upon the work done with ExileZ 2.0 and to add functionality with ease of configuration in mind. ## Features Dynamic Zombie spawning Location based Zombie spawning Harassing Zombies Hordes Built in Zombie mission (for specific maps) Working safezone and territory detection Supports ANY map (and includes a number of map specific configs) Highly configurable Zombie options Supports Infections (See here for required additional files: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=614815221) ## Requirements Zombies and Demons (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501966277) ExileMod (http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/) ## Changes Fixed Safezone detection Fixed Territory detection Optimised file structure Added specific map configs Added support for ANY map Integrated Zombie Monitor for better performance Optimised Harassing and Horde loops Blacklist areas from Zombies spawning ## Upcoming Changes AI offloading Code optimisation More map configs ## Download https://github.com/kuplion/ExileZ-Mod ## Plugins ## Installation Edit main settings in 'exilez_mod\config.sqf'. Edit triggers and settings (if required) in 'exilez_mod\triggers\'. Edit zombie classes and loot in 'exilez_mod\zombies\'. Edit the Zombie mission loot in 'exilez_mod\mission\zMissionLootCrate.sqf'. Pack exilez_mod.pbo with either PBO Manager 1.4b x64 (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369) or Eliteness/MikeRo Tools if you have them. Place exilez_mod.pbo in your '@ExileServer\addons\' folder. Add "ryanzombies" & "ryanzombiesfunctions" to the "addons" section of your mission.sqm (don't forget to adjust your commas accordingly!!) addOns[]= { "exile_client", "a3_map_altis", "Ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions" // Make sure the last entry does not have a comma after it!! }; ## Optional Steps for Database additions Run the SQL file on your database. Add the contents of exile.ini (for your version of extDB3) to the existing exile.ini in the player related queries section. Enable "EZM_EnableZombieStatKill" in the config. ## Configuration The script is configured to run with Altis, Tanoa, Namalsk, Malden, Chernarus (Normal, Redux, Winter, Summer, and Isles), Napf, Bornholm, Esseker, Al Rayak, Taviana, and Taunus, with all the features enabled by default but will still run on ANY map if an unsupported map is detected. Almost all of the information related to the configuration is in 'exilez_mod\config.sqf'. ## BattlEye Scripts.txt (InfiSTAR filters): Line 2: !="et == 0)) then\n{\n_grp = createGroup civilian;\n_unit = _grp createUnit [\"C_Man_1\", [0,0,0], [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];\n_unit hideObje" Line 15: !="Name \"Zombie Brains\";\n\n_zombie = _this select 0;\n\n\n_zombie setdammage 0.7;\n_zombie setspeaker \"NoVoice\";\n_zombie enableFatigue f" Line 16: !="ormal'] execVM \"\ryanzombies\acedamage.sqf\"} else {_target setdamage (damage _target + Ryanzombiesdamage)};\nif (!(alive _target)" Line 16: !="delete;\n if(_netId isEqualTo '0:0')then\n {\n _delete setDamage 1;\n deleteVehicle _delete;\n }\n else\n {\n ToDelet" Mpeventhandler.txt: !"ZMPKilled" !"Reloaded" Remoteexec.txt: !"ZMPKilled" !"Reloaded" ## How to export Triggers positions Open arma with NO MODS other than the map you are using. Open Eden Editor and DO NOT load a mission file. Place an Elliptic Marker *(not a trigger) on every region you want a spawner and set its radius. Copy Paste the code from GetMarkerCmd.txt inside the debug console. Execute the code. Open Notepad, CTRL+V / (Paste). ??? Profit! ## Donations If you feel so inclined, donations can be sent to myself via PayPal donate@FriendlyPlayerShooting.com or to Patrix87 via PayPal patrix87@gmail.com . ## Credits Original code base by Patrix87. Trigger Generator by Second_Coming. Taunus and Chernarus Redux triggers by yukihito23. Chernobyl Zone (and Chernobyl Zone Autumn) triggers by lusu007. Stratis triggers by AKA Tony. ## Special Mentions Credit to DS/DP/RM/OMG/WTF/LOLBBQ for copying Exile code for database saving. Well done you!! Have a gold sticker! ## License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
  20. kuplion

    Server Transfer system For Arma3

    Moved to a more appropriate forum.
  21. kuplion

    i was wondering how too install extended base mod

    Into the filters in the BattlEye folder.
  22. kuplion

    Looking for modder

    This is not the correct section to request a modder.
  23. Good to see you around, SDOT! Hope you're well, bud!