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  1. Tom ♋ ツ Flames


    Really good server, spent some quality time on this and enjoyed every minute! It does not take much time to click and have a quick play, trust me... you will want to play more!
  2. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    RHSW Member Already Defined , Need Help Fixing

    You have clearly not installed it correctly.
  3. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    If you have duplicates then REMOVE them, this man has done a spot on job to make it SIMPLE for us to have traders, he spent time out of his day(s) to make it, for you copy and pasting skids, but all you do is moan... like stfu. You will also find that; yes you have errors with duplicates but you will also find that some peoples code that is posted live is also just has shit (no offence), just because you are not getting lil errors in your console, doesnt means your server isnt choking or it's running like an absolute SHOE! #ThankYoured_ned
  4. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

  5. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [Release] Prevent Low Level Raiding!

  6. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [ECN]Exile Chernarus 2035 WE ARE BACK, HOPE YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WELL!! COME PLAY ON OUR NEW SERVER Chernarus was the last place on earth after the wipe out of the ZED's the only people are the remaining survivors, people are still traveling over to get to the Chernarus safe land! Although some did not make it... The **only** way people are able to get out of this hell storm is to fight and survive! This is why it's your job to conquer the land either by yourself or gather friends and fight together! Oh we also did not mention that there will be some friendly people and some not so friendly people! Using your radios you get information of rogue survivors hiding or trying to transport gear across the land, FIND THEM AND KILL THEM! All the best -Darkzy ## **Features** + HIGH FPS! + High Spec Dedicated Server + 20k Starting money (Good starting money) + ZCP Capture Points (Customized to the server layout) + DMS AI Missions (Customized and edited to server) + Vector Building + Virtual Garage + Revive + Lone Survivor Virtual Garage Script (Vehicle Trader) + XM8 Apps + Base Painting + Hundreds of enter-able buildings!! + Weed Farming (GOOD MONEY EARNER) + Fully Customized Map (When we say "Customized" we mean **FULLY** customized! :D) + SafeZonePlus Script (NO VEHICLE OR ITEM STEALING FROM TRADER) + Black Market Trader (NO SAFE ZONE) + Building Supply Trader (NO SAFE ZONE) + Base Spawn + Custom Traders (Fine tuned to server game play) + Custom Kill-feed + Customized Mission File For Optimizations + 4 Hour Restart + Day and Night Cycle (3:15 day and 45 Mins Night) + Base Hacking / Safe Hacking (USING LAPTOP) + Towing (All vehicles) + Roof Rappelling + Heli Rappelling + Customization Status Bar + Crate Loading and loading into vehicles + Rearm Service Points + Salvaging Dead Bodies From Exploded Vehicles + Halo Jumping (Possibly survive from being shot down! :D) + Deploy Quad / Deploy Kart (Customized to be packed) + View Distance (Editable) + Announcements for paying territory protection + Customized loot spawns and loot positions for server game play + Journal to tell yourself Stories or use as reminders + Anti Sky base script + Anti Stuck Script + Realistic Suicide (USE A HANDGUN) + Trader Fixes + Active Admins + Custom Spawning UI + Login Rewards + Custom Loading Screen + Hundreds of bug fixes + InfiSTAR Anti Hack + Server worked on every single day! We always like busy Admins ##### **Behind the work** We have spent the last couple of months planning and then working on making one powerful and solid server for everyone to enjoy, the server was scripted and created by **[ECN]Darkzy** he has spent days working and tinkering with the server to make it perfect for players to enjoy without issue! Everything in the server has been fine tuned to suit the environment of the server and how it plays. **Credits: ** [ECN]Darkzy [ECN]BigBoiBaggy [ECN]Frankie [ECN]Beanomate
  7. Hi, I am looking for Chernarus static missions! Other than the ones that are already in the Exile forum hoping there was something else that someone has that I can have? (WILLING TO PAY A SMALL CONTRIBUTION, OR GIVE CREDIT IN MY SERVER) regards Tom
  8. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    dumb af

    remove dis i have no idea what i was doing!
  9. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [RELEASE/UPDATED] Malden Mission File Exile 1.0.3/ Arma 1.72 download

    Malden will have better configs for AI in the future just keep an eye out! Just gotta remember its new
  10. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [RELEASE/UPDATED] Malden Mission File Exile 1.0.3/ Arma 1.72 download

    I added the rad zone and was unsure if I wanted to keep it, so I left it as a 50/50 if people wanted it they could install the rest, if not then they could easily remove it
  11. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [RELEASE/UPDATED] Malden Mission File Exile 1.0.3/ Arma 1.72 download

    I ADDED A NEW UPDATE! why you after a water cooler
  12. Tom ♋ ツ Flames


    I can understand your point, but with the new Exile update you have a choice of auto run. One choice is "ALLOW TERRAIN TO EFFECT AUTO RUN", the other is "DONT ALLOW TERRAIN TO EFFECT AUTO RUN". This is totally up to the server owners to choose this! The idea of them having a perk is a good idea but I still like the feeling of "coming from nothing to something".
  13. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [RELEASE/UPDATED] Malden Mission File Exile 1.0.3/ Arma 1.72 download

    If people are getting no loot in areas download the new mission file update and use that, or you can download it and move over the "fixes" folder to your mission file, then copy over the code from "config.cpp/customcode" This will fix the issue of loot spawns in barracks
  14. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [RELEASE/UPDATED] Malden Mission File Exile 1.0.3/ Arma 1.72 download

    Well now you have told me, i understand but why if its a small map and less people? also the mission.sqm has been optimized alot