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  1. Donezo Gamers

    Live Streaming DayZ Exile Mod

    It is a great series. Come play it. I will join you!!
  2. Donezo Gamers

    [SOLVED] TornZ Exile

    What is this mod? I have seen "TornZ" before on the Arma 3 Launcher, but overnight it became mandatory for the CCG Exile on Esseker lobby. The real reason I'm here is because I am getting a download error when I try to download it through the Arma 3 launcher? Any recommendations on how to fix this? Or is there anywhere else I can download the mod from?
  3. Donezo Gamers

    [SOLVED] Subscriber Slot?

    I recently downloaded and played the CCG Exile Zombies mod on Esseker. Today when I played I got kicked off for a "Subscriber Slot"? Every since this happened I have not been able to join a lobby due to the same error over and over againg. What does this mean? Can I fix It?
  4. Donezo Gamers

    Anyone Wanna Livestream???

    Ask for my steam. Lets talk
  5. Donezo Gamers

    Choosing a Faction?

    Can you choose a faction in the Exile Mod 0.9.41? Can you choose a faction in Exile Mod DayZ?
  6. Donezo Gamers

    Problem with Adding Mods

    Wow guys thank you so much for the help. I was being a dumb ass. All I had to do was click move folder and move them to the Arma 3 folder. Then when I added them in through the Steam launcher they all successfully were added. Not to be annoying, but when I go to play and I select the mods that I want active.. what do I do from there? I'm really new to the whole Arma Experience. Am I restricted to what servers I can play on by what mods I have activated? Whats the easiest way to find a lobby? My goal right now is to play the Exile Mod DayZ edition (basically the Frankie edition).
  7. Donezo Gamers

    Problem with Adding Mods

    Okay so I have found the folders... they are under workshop instead of common... but now that I know this... I still need help. Heres the link to my other post. I need to know how to move the folders. It is kind of weird though that none of those mods show up under my downloaded content, and it doesn't say I have anything downloading. I'm just very confused at to what I need to do.
  8. Donezo Gamers

    Problem with Adding Mods

  9. Donezo Gamers

    Problem with Adding Mods

    What do you mean?
  10. Donezo Gamers

    Problem with Adding Mods

    When I clicked Subscribe the first time though, in A3 Launcher, it showed it downloading, now it says "Installed". I did just got to my Libray>Downloads in Steam and it doesnt show any of the mods under the "Completion" section.
  11. Donezo Gamers

    My Mod are in the wrong folder

    So I recently downloaded all the mods needed to play Exile DayZ. I used the Arma3 Launcher. Every mod that I just had to DOWNLOAD downloaded just fine and into the correct folder under my Arma 3 stuff through steam apps. Heres the weird thing. Every mod that I SUBSCRIBED to is not under my Arma 3 folder in steam apps. Instead its under the workshop folder, and they are all spread among st many # folders. When I tried to add them to my mod list after launching through steam I could not. I had success with all the mods under my Arma 3 folder. So my guess is that all those other mods need to be in my Arma 3 fodler as well... but how do I do that? Can someone give me some advice so I can play the damn game already? Heres some pictures to show what I mean.
  12. Donezo Gamers

    Problem with Adding Mods

    Something I did just notice though. Is that every file that is missing, are files that I had to click subscribe to instead of download... Does this change anything?
  13. Donezo Gamers

    Problem with Adding Mods

    My download paths are correct, but the file still does not show... unless im dumb, won't it be for example "@Ryan Zombies"?... just like how its "@Exile"
  14. Donezo Gamers

    Problem with Adding Mods

    That't the thing. I downloaded all the mods using the A3 launcher. They downloaded and verified. So I have no clue whats happening... the A3 says its installed and everything
  15. Donezo Gamers

    Problem with Adding Mods

    So I've recently downloaded a handful of mods, some including the Exile Mod 0.9.41 "Clementine", the All Terrain Mod, the Ryan Zombies mod... etc. Basically all the mods needed to play Exile DayZ. Heres the issue. I launched my game through steam and went to the mod option. I clicked +local mod and successfully added the Exile mod and the all terrain mod, but when I go to add necessary mods like Ryan Zombies, I cannot find the folder. Can someone help me?