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  1. YETEH

    MGT Exile Altis

    Damn right! ;D
  2. YETEH

    MGT Exile Altis

    I have been playing on MGT servers since about 2014. In the goold old MGT Esseker dayz. Although my first MGT experience was on MGT Epoch Altis. Then when Exile was released. You bet I jumped on the MGT Exile Altis wagon. Back when food was near impossible to find... No matter how far away I have ventured. I have always returned to MGT. I have joined other servers. And even created my own. Still. I'm always sucked back in. The vast amount of personal feautires. Attention to detail and in game balance. Never fails to amaze. You could be a new player. Or an old Arma man (Hue). And you will still have an amazing time here. Some of the players may shoot at you. But if you let them know you are new. They may offer advice and tips. Then they will shoot you later! It's all part of the fun! So join us on one of the many amazing servers to choose from. Do some Missions Shoot some AI Shoot some Players Sell some Loot Build a Base Rage Quit Join Again Rage Quit Again Join Again With Friends It's all part of the daily experience here at MGT. 10/10 Server 10/10 Developer/Owner 10/10 Admins :D
  3. YETEH

    MGT Exile Altis

    I have personally been playing on MGT servers since about 2014. Since then I have had trouble staying away. I have ventured off to other servers. And even started my own. Yet. I'm always sucked back to MGT. It's hard to explain. But they are always one step ahead. They always have something others don't. The level of customised feautures is brilliant. Clearly a lot of hard work has gone into these servers. And it shows. The balance is so perfectly tweaked. That regardless. If you are a new player. Or an old player. You're still going to have fun. And probably get your hands dirty in the process. So come! Join us on one of the amazing servers. Kill some AI. Sell some items. Get into some PVP battles. Build a base. It's all part of the daily experience here with MGT!.
  4. YETEH

    Loot Issues

    Nope! I can post mine here.
  5. YETEH

    Loot Issues

    I seem to be having some loot issues. The positions are fine in the exile_server_config.pbo file. But no loot spawns in certain buildings. For example "Land_Hangar_F" There is no loot at all. I have even made new positions. Still no loot. I have tried downloading a fresh server. and using the exile_server_config.pbo from that. Still no loot.
  6. Just updated this. It displays the cost correctly now. But does not actually remove the money from they player. Free repairs and re-arm it seems! haha.
  7. Reload All=No charge? Anyone else having this issue? It displays the cost. But when you click it. It says 0 tabs were charged.
  8. YETEH

    Metanix Arma 3 Exile

    I know this Server haha
  9. YETEH

    R3F glitch

    ok. What exactly is happening?
  10. YETEH

    R3F glitch

    Have you tried Advanced Towing?
  11. YETEH

    Extended items Exile - Safes broken

    Still not fixed this? If So. Go to "class CfgInteractionMenus" in Config.cpp and change ```class CfgInteractionMenus { class Car``` To ```class CfgInteractionMenus { #include "EBM\menus.hpp" class Car``` Here is a pastebin. With hacking added. So players can Hack safes
  12. YETEH

    menu spaces anyone know how to fix this

    This is caused by an error in your Config.cpp file. Check These Locations. class CfgTraderCategories class CfgExileArsenal
  13. YETEH

    I want Forest Altis map

    Like Dis?
  14. Yep. I just turned the server off and manually uploaded the files. Same issue haha. I'm out of ideas.
  15. I just re-installed it. Fresh everything. The only changes I made. Were to the building. And I have the same error. Here is a link to my files. Maybe you can see something I don't? Appreciate it!