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  1. I would definitely be playing that. I used to play a lot of first-person only and I still have a latent demand for it. Hence I found this thread Especially the Tanoan jungle would be cool in first person only.
  2. Joe Holland

    Joe Holland's video feed (YouTube)

    I thought my partner in crime SteveO deserved an introduction. Video includes extra trolly subtitles [closed captions] (recommended). Let me know what you think!
  3. Joe Holland

    Hallo, hoe gaat het met jullie!

    Hoe loopt ie Redpanther?
  4. Joe Holland

    "TANOA Exile - First look" Ambushes, teamwork and foliage galore

    Thanks buddy, I try to avoid the typical Dutch accent
  5. Joe Holland

    Just some Instant Karma! Just a Clip

    Well that was... quite epic
  6. Joe Holland

    Joe Holland's video feed (YouTube)

    Today I published a new video. After making some seperate threads I decided, like others, to make a thread were I will post/update all my Exile videos for you to enjoy. Let's kick off with my Exile vids to date, including some Tanoa action. Let me know what you think, I am dying to hear your thoughts! Come find me on Youtube-channel if you want to stay posted! Kind regards, Joe Holland _______________________________________ Published today (23th June): "I heard some footsteps creeping up on me....Twice...." ______________________________ First look at Tanoa... ambushes galore: ______________________________ I put a lot of effort into the editing for this one. It's a 2 perspective double vision: ______________________________ Shooting from choppers... with an AA12 + HE rounds... nuff said: ______________________________ Something else... I tried to capture the ambiance of being a silent, stalking lone wolf: ______________________________ While I was streaming... I had a showdown with another live streamer (Beardageddon). Two perspectives: ______________________________ My First ever life in Exile... Death by bike: Upcoming videos will be posted in reply to this thread. Thank you all for watching, I am dying to hear your thoughts!
  7. Joe Holland

    Chemical Burn Exile Episodes!

    I just watched your video while I was editing mine... your title inspired me. I hope you don't mind me putting up an Exile video titled: "Wrong Place, Wrong Time". It just really fitted this short clip
  8. My first session on Exile Tanoa... Great action. Leave a like if you enjoyed and sub for more content.
  9. I think it is the 'Wildcat' (AW159) from the CUP Vehicles mod. It is the one where the DLC Hellcat is based on.
  10. If you enjoyed this check out my channel for more, interesting Exile and Arma footage.
  11. Joe Holland

    whats your longest shot

    Haven't really kept track of my shots. Last week I had a nice one though. You know the island with the bridge on the shore of Pyrgos? Some guys built a huge sniper tower on it, sniping down into the military base. I shot one of them from about 1450 meters away. Unfortunately they just kept parachuting back in on their base. Till I placed an IED at the door. Waited for him to parachute back in, he opened the door. BOOM. Door open, guy dead. Got away with stealing 1 car full of loot. I still regret that I was not recording. Would have been awesome material for my Arma channel on YouTube. Lesson learned.
  12. Joe Holland

    Live Stream Showdown -

    While sniping and clearing a mission, I get spooked by Beardageddon during a livestream. Both low on ammo, a quick and tense close quarters gunfight emerges. Beardageddon (twitcher and the server owner) was was streaming too, allowing me to highlight both perspectives of the encounter. Links/info of the server and Beard's twitch channel are in the video description.
  13. If you like double perspective videos... I actually made another one, leaving it here for your comfort:
  14. Joe Holland

    [SOLVED] Stealth Lada

    "Get to the Invisible Boat Mobile!!"
  15. Joe Holland

    Hallo, hoe gaat het met jullie!

    Ja prima Pizza! Nog steeds lekker aan het gamen en af en toe een videootje eruit gooien. Onderstaande heb ik van het weekend gemaakt. Runnen jullie nog servers of is het na de DDoS een beetje uitgestorven? jammer man, was altijd een leuke community..