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  1. Kingdom

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    @red_ned after reading this post I just HAD to take a second and say Thank you Red_Ned..... your scripts, missions and trader files has made all us server owners lives a whole lot easier. It pains me to read an immature inexperienced person (happens ALL the time) berate a scripter or developer after they have sunk hours of there time (for FREE non the less) into a community for nothing more than a thank you and attaboy! again........... THANK YOU and ATTABOY Red!!!!!!! King Baked Beans Kingdom [BBK] Gaming Tanoa PVE
  2. Kingdom

    [Release] Recruit Ai Bodyguards

    Great Mod... I have them positioned around my base and tell them to get in the vehicles etc, very well done!!
  3. Kingdom

    Primus Networks - We can develop your server!

    @lordkabal26 thanks for the heads up on the unsecure site @PrimusNetworks. I went to pay my invoice today and I see it is still not secure even on the billing side, though George said they would not allow invoices to be paid on an unsecure is! Unfortunately I deleted my previous "good review" above as I am now seeing a trend, I get the same response for the past month as @sleverage. ALOT of promises and not once has the time frame or the fixes been completed. They have zero mods, or even Exile that is updated within their system for us to update ourselves or even install a current version. They said the control panel had a bug and it was resolved back on April 21, unfortunately it is not. CUPS, RHS and Exile are all out of date and unable to be used, thus you must enter a ticket and wait till they can get to it. One of my other issues for instance, I entered a server ticket on April 12 to have a custom designed splash screen which they offer for a price, I paid the price and still no custom splash screen...sigh! I do wish them the best, but the promises and timeframes need to be upheld and treated with importance instead of simple lip service. Hopefully they can work out their "only 2 year old company" kinks soon. King
  4. @S. Great job my friend!
  5. Kingdom

    [Updated] R3F Logistics Exile (with CUP)

    Nice guys... I did remove my Occupation and replaced it with A3XAI and for 2 days straight noone has had towed AI vehicles despawn.... fingers crossed this was a fix!
  6. Kingdom

    R3F Exile

    @DaveM I saw you said you had the issue for 2 years of vehicles disappearing while being towed? Two things I did and it fixed mine, one I made sure the anti-tp is OFF on InfiSTAR, second I extended my DMS (or whatever mission system) cleanup time, mine was at 900 seconds and AI vehicles were getting deleted in mid tow.
  7. Kingdom

    Trader AI

    Question, will the guards attack patrolling DMS/Occupation AI? Currently my patrols open whoop ass on my trader guards but they do not shoot back?
  8. Kingdom

    Vehicles disapear when towing

    I get the same issue, but it only happens with an AI vehicle, either towing or being towed, the vehicle being towed simply disappears when you exit the vehicle.
  9. Kingdom

    [Release] Lingor Traders + Spawn Zones

    @GolovaRaoul thank you, job well done!! King Baked Beans Kingdom Lingor3 PVE
  10. Kingdom

    {Request} Lingor3 PBO w/ Spawns and Traders

  11. Kingdom

    {Request} Lingor3 PBO w/ Spawns and Traders

    *bump anyone....anyone? ferris....ferris bueller?
  12. Kingdom

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    @Enoli4z, you must purchase launchers directly into a vehicle, they will not appear on your character. King Baked Beans Kingdom Lingor3
  13. I know how the community feels about asking for free mission files and PBO's, trust me I know! With that being said I simply do not have enough time in rl to go into Eden and make all my own, but I am glad to pay someone "for their time" if they will help me. Currently we have a Lythium server and are a small private family PVE server with only 25 slots, so I am definitely not taking from anyones player pool. Thanks in advance, King Baked Beans Kingdom
  14. Kingdom

    Inifstar XM8 Apps not working (Lol)

    @Dman in your @exileserver folder go in Addons and then upload your PBO. Look inside your downloaded InfiStar Apps folder then right clicked PBO manager to create the PBO. a3_infiSTAR_Exile_customApps.pbo