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  1. Only reason I ask because id like to show vic damage on screen and even vic ammo count if possible lol
  2. How do I add it? lol
  3. Hi all, I'm after something that will allow me to Edit Pylons on jets and heli's. Does anyone know of a working method? I look at the GOM Aircraft Load out but couldn't get it working. Any point in the right direction would be a great help. KS
  4. Hello all, I've had a few players now as me for some kind of missile warning on air vehicles that shows on screen. Now im aware that there is something like this as I've seen it on other servers etc. I was wondering if anyone knows or is willing to share this? It would be muchly appreciated! Regards. RB
  5. Happy to help @I love pizza
  6. infiStar has a Add-on which gives you access to all kinds of Territory info =] bare in mind Its a paid add-on https://infistar.de/eng/product/infistar-tm
  7. Are you with GTX? If so then they block moving DLLs about but you can just open a ticket and tell them your trying to install infistar but youe unable to upload DLLs and they will unblock it for you =] If its not GTX then id imagine its the same sort of deal =] Make sure you don't forget to whitelist your server IP on the infiStar website also. These should solve those issue for you =] @UndyingThrone
  8. https://github.com/kuplion/a3xai
  9. Hey all =] I just added this just in case someone tried to combat log etc... I just tested this by committing suicide then respawning, putting myself into combat then combat logged and upon re-joining the server it reverted me back to where I spawned wearing just a bambi suit and not the gear normally selected depending on rank etc. Should it not kill the player and give them the respawn screen? Not sure if its xsSpawn or maybe a database bug? Any ideas?
  10. This still working with latest update? I want to use this one on my server.... if (!isDedicated) then { waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay 46)}; if ((difficultyOption "thirdPersonView")==1) then { if ((vehicle player) isEqualTo player) then { while {true} do { if (!((vehicle player) isKindOf "LandVehicle") && !((vehicle player) isKindOf "Helicopter") && !((vehicle player) isKindOf "Plane") && !((vehicle player) isKindOf "Ship") && (cameraView == "EXTERNAL") && (currentWeapon player != '')) then { player switchCamera "Internal"; }; sleep 0.1; }; }; }; }; So I'm guess id put this [] execVM "Custom\view\viewrestriction.sqf"; into my initPlayerLocal.sqf?
  11. yeah dude =]
  12. @Monkeynutznever mind
  13. Is primus-networks still a thing? If so could i speak to someone who works at Primus? I did send a pre sales email etc weeks ago but never got a reply..
  14. Hey all, i was wondering if anyone has query i can use to create a deleted at section for my territory, for some reason it no longer shows on the table and my knowledge of SQL is zero! Thanks in advance EDIT: Issue solved you may close this thread =]