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  1. Damiano20081986

    Goodbye, Arma!

    I would like to continue your work if that is possible as now working on map which will turn into exile based mod.
  2. Damiano20081986

    Server start error

    ok i changed it and as well found feww others mistakes now its starting. thaks for your help :))
  3. Damiano20081986

    Server start error

    hi guys i tried add BWA3 items to traders in config.cpp and after i did it server doesnt start it gaves me error message : File mpmissions\_cur_mp.Chernarus_Winter\config.cpp, line 2426: /CfgExileArsenal/:'(' encouered instead of '{' anyone know solution ?? here is a pastebin of config.cpp http://pastebin.com/ByB8eZFk
  4. Damiano20081986

    [SOLVED] infiSTAR working fine

    ok so it looks like it is working now... strange things happening
  5. Damiano20081986

    [SOLVED] infiSTAR working fine

    ok so i have problem with infistar i installed it correctly ( it works on my pc hosted server ) so i did the same step by step and uploaded it into rented server and here is the problem admin menu works i can spawn things on me but few things i spotted i cant spawn any car it ust says object spawned in front of player but nothing happens i cant tp inside car when i am on driver seat and i cant change day to night that are just a few things i spotted. here is a paastebin link for rpt http://pastebin.com/QZVGJuuV