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  1. Well i don't have dose files ...maybe is because i'm using ExileReborn ....or can i just add the fixes folder and then put the .sqf there ?
  2. Thank you m8 i see the server one but the client like i don't where is this exile_client.pbo is that on my mission pbo or on my server files ...sorry if i sound stupid but i'm a noob to all this sorry
  3. Sorry guys i know that you guys are more more advance on the arma coding but i can't see none of the file to edit for the fix can some help me on that ...thanks
  4. ltc_bullet

    EZC Gaming Exile Server

    Location : Chicago Hello Guys here we present our server not the best but we trying to make it a nice place for you and your friends to have a nice day on Arma.Here are some info about the server (This is a Copie & Paste from Zedz server info ) Thanks . EASY TO JOIN Unlike some servers that try to entice you with a mind boggling number of mods, we have faith in the Exile dev's ability to continuously add new and interesting content. Therefore, we are using a minimal number of mods to accomplish a perfection of content. To join the server, you only need the following mods: Exile PERSISTENT SPAWNED VEHICLES All spawned vehicles are persistent. They spawn in with damage and no fuel. Remember the satisfaction of fixing up a vehicle you found in the early days of the Dayz mod? Well, that feeling is back! MEDICAL SYSTEM EXILE Reborn features a medical system for wounding, when you are shot, you can bleed to death. An InstaDoc or Bandage will stop the bleeding. SOFT SKILLS Respect levels and soft skills: As your character gains respect, they will level up. Press 7 in game at any time to display detailed information. Increased health regen Decreased hunger and thirst deredation rates Increased wages Higher chance to find intel on corpses (WIP) WAGES Players will earn and inmate wage, when not in safezones periodically players will earn a base amount of poptabs - The amount will increase by a factor of your respect. CUSTOM SCRIPTS AND FUNCTIONS Many different and interesting scripts and functions. Such as: Claim vehicles non-peristent vehicles Search corpses for intel Attach chemlights More.. PERSISTENT WORLD A persistent world where, the date increments as the server goes on, along with seasonal weather changes. For instance, the current season on Altis is winter, as time goes on the season will move to sping, where things will warm up. EXTRA APPS In co-operation with ExAdd, EXILE Reborn features some interesting apps on the XM8 for the players to use, such as a personal journal and the ability to attach chemlights for visibility at night. DYNAMIC EVENTS Custom written events and missions that are made with efficiency as a priority - Click me for pics! Dynamic heli crashes Town riots Head hunter AI Bandit territories Vehicle / Supply drops And more..
  5. ltc_bullet

    [Updated] ExileReborn - A complete survival package

    Hello guys im using Altis on my server but I have a problem I don't see where are the locker ....on Tanoa I found it but not on Altis is that something that I have to add ......also I don't see no he'll clashes or air patrol none of the thing that it say it has already pre build on the mission can someone help me on that thanks
  6. ltc_bullet

    Exile Reborn

    Hello guys like the tittle say Exile Reborn and here are my question on this 1> Is any way i can make it work that it give the dialog box to spawn on some cities like the normal Exile ? a), If not how do i fix the player spawning on the edge of the map like on the water 2>In some of the setting and i'm sure the one is using it know it say that it has Heli Crashes but i don't see any of it any solution ? 3>Locker , Are there any on the mission ? 4>I found and update it Exile Reborn Master file but it has Zombies setup into the code, how can i remove this? i don't want zombies on it Thanks in advance if anybody can help me on that ....Thanks
  7. ltc_bullet

    @FuMs Please help

    Yea i try DMS that one work i also add to it the occupation that work together with DMS but if i add A3XAI i won't see no roaming AI on the vehicles or no Air Patrols so is crazy i remember i use to have a Exile server back when 0.9.6 and it was all good every single thing work just perfect i don't know why this release is so bug and the reset messages also do not work at all i try so many different way and no luck anyway thanks i will keep trying see if i fix this or i just stick to wasteland
  8. ltc_bullet

    @FuMs Please help

    Hello guys i don't know if this is the right place to ask about this but i just install a fresh clean Exile server (i use a game provider ,==not my own Dedicate server==) and every time i add the @FuMs mission i cant play on the server i spawn stuck on the ground and i can get out of it i will post my rpt so if any body can help me ....thanks in advance
  9. Hello man i love this CP mission but i wanna edit the amount of AI spawning on the wave how do i work that out...Thanks in advance
  10. ltc_bullet

    Fatal Error

    Brand new server we still working on fixing some bugs but for now is all good to play looking for people to joint and make it popular if you need help on getting the mod just visit the website ....hope to see you on it thanks
  11. ltc_bullet

    Extended Base Mod

    Hello well i add the building on my traders but now server won't boot any help?
  12. ltc_bullet

    Extended Base Mod

    Wow a simple thing that i forgot to add thanks you so much i add the building to my trader do i have to put the craft recipes to be able to see the building cuz i don't see them on my traders
  13. ltc_bullet

    Extended Base Mod

    Hey i put this mod on my server i got it from steam workshop and the same folder of the mod i put it on my server but when i try to join my server it kick me saying that i have the wrong key on extendedbase.pbo i will try to put a screen shot here to see if i get aany help
  14. ltc_bullet

    A3_DMS New Mission " Fliegerhorst Leck "

    Hey i really love this mission and i enjoy playing this but i like to add on the loot when you win the mission really good weapons like RPG ,Titans and more ...can you please tell me what i need to change to have this weapons only if you pass this lovely mission...thanks
  15. ltc_bullet

    [SOLVED] AI on sever slots list

    Thanks Fix it