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  1. Hi. I have played Arma 3, and Minecraft for three years now. and exile in one year. I have two little cousins 13 and 14 years old. As tends to be with me at Christmas. We have begun to play Arma 3 Exile mods on Christmas now, when we meet. And they really love it. the problem is that it takes a long time to find and sell stuff. So I would like to have my own server where they can do things to have fun and not have to look for things all the time. I'm really bad at making servers and stuff. We have always played on the others. But this Christmas I would really like that they get to play on a server where they can do what they want, if you are serious and can help me I would really appreciate it and my cousin obvious. You will also be with us to play using those things needed to have fun. Is something called Infstar or something like that I am willing to pay to get help where you can also get to use and build own or drive against al players and clear assignments and use weapons and everything that exists there. if you are serious and want to help my two cousins 13 and 14 years old plz pm me and i will anwser you fast as i can. you shuld be over 18 if you can help me i will pay for infrstar and to you depending on how long time it will take and how mutch you need to do!
  2. hey am 25 and i have play whit other on exile not as admin but can i give it a try ?
  3. hej. Jag har två små kusiner hos mig i jul och dom och jag brukar spela exile på julen när vi ses. Nu hade jag tänkt att göra en egen server till dom och mig (dom är 15 och 14 år ) men jag vet inte hur jag ska gå till väga all hjälp är välkommen behöver få hjälp innan jul allt så för att göra det lättare för er att förstå. jag behöver hjälp med att sätta upp exile server på min data sql battleye TADST infristar och det följ fråga på infrstar kan man ladda ner eller går det bara att köpa tacksam för svar. hälst innan jul !