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  1. They are stored in the user profile. From the profileNamespace wiki "variables are stored next to the user profile in a file named myUsername.vars.GAMENAME" for Arma this is stored in the My Documents/Documents\[Arma/Arma 3 - Other Profiles] folder as myUsername.vars.Arma3Profile. ExAd stores the variables with a prefix of "ExAd_SB_". Presuming that no other data is required in the user profile the most simplest action would be for the player to create a new Arma profile, configure ExAd and overwrite the xxxxxxx.vars.Arma3Profile file in their original profile directory with the newly created one delete their myUsername.vars.Arma3Profile file, it will be recreated when starting Arma. The rather longer alternative, if using another profile/overwriting the existing profile doesn't fly, is to reinitialize the affected vars with the defaults (simple script from debug console would do the trick).
  2. A different version of the code to be merged in to ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyDown.sqf code. This version lets the player define which key (i.e. user custom key) to use for bandage, Vishpirin or Insta:
  3. Karabiner 98k Patience
  4. Class names are documented here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgVehicles_Structures
  5. At the end of the line you had "}}" it should read "};}".
  6. Comparing yours to the example above you have a missing semicolon (";") on your line 8 - it should read: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // GhostHawk /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class B_Heli_Transport_01_F { skins[] = { {"class B_Heli_Transport_01_F", 1000, "NST MP Only", {"images\nsa_gh_mp_front.paa","images\nsa_gh_mp_hinten.paa"};} }; };
  7. Up until a few minutes before I posted this I never knew it didn't show players. I had to wait for someone to join the server to test it
  8. Remove the _objClass != "Exile_Unit_Player" && from line 34 (or thereabouts) from Functions/fn_showUnits.sqf
  9. Are you sure you have spelt that error correctly? If you have then search your config and change the spelling as shown below. A3_Structures_F_Argo_Signs_Warnings is part of the Malden DLC. Check your RPT and ensure that it is available and being loaded. Edit: This is not a server issue, this is a client issue.
  10. Colour me confused but is this a great opportunity for a developer or for your community?
  11. You mean like this? [Release] Fix ASDG JR / CBA Attachment Compatibility at Traders
  12. Welcome to PC Gaming and Arma. Google "arma 3 install and play exile" and you will get plenty of results and helpful videos. By default you do not need any of the DLC to play and the majority of servers do not require them. If you are playing on server without DLCs and you come across DLC content on the server you will simply not be able to either equip or drive/pilot said content.
  13. The most often spoken phrase when commanding AI, "Where the hell are you going?!".
  14. It appears that this is part of C2 1.4.8: ADDED: ReArm function split up and overhauled. Player can now decide where to reArm from (lClick on icon). rClick on ReArm Icon will make AI look for best gearSource themselves. So it would appear you could load a vehicle/crate with supplies and they can rearm from there.
  15. You could change the "unitList" class names in bodyguard.sqf (line 12) or alternatively define your own.