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  1. It was all CUP stuff, turns out that I was using a colon instead of a semi-colon on the CUP_arifle_* skins *insert facepunch here*
  2. Yep, I fixed it by removing it, I wasn't all keen anyway
  3. Hi, All the CUP weapons I have added to the trader are showing as zero pop tabs in game but I have set all the prices in the config.cfg. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Issue is solved. When I added the lottery script and replaced the exile.ini, there was errors like spaces missing, commas missing and entire lines of code missing. Using WinMerge (DL: http://winmerge.org/) I discovered the differences between my exile.ini and the stock one from a fresh server zip download and updated it with the correct code and syntax. Everything is now working. Might be worthwhile either pinning this or creating a pinned post to highlight this issue and make sure new server developers are aware of the issue and how to fix it.
  5. So I might have solved this issue, uploading the changes I have made to my exile.ini file and I will post an update.
  6. Hi Folks, Wondering if anyone can lend me some helpful advice with this. If a player places a safe or any other container, it does not save to the database and they "go missing" when the server restarts. TIA
  7. Can I have a link to wherever you got this bootstrap from?
  8. Yeh that't the affect I'm trying to achieve haha
  9. Has anyone managed to make an air drop make a marker on the map and post a notification in side chat to all players? Been messing around all night and not yet come up with a solution...
  10. We have updated our server to 1.58 now and It is showing as green on our clients but when we go to join, it says connecting failed.. Anyone else experiencing this?
  11. Show me the code for one building please in your SQM file
  12. Not sure about this maybe raise a new forum post..
  13. What happens when you try to build walls? Battle eye restriction or " No permissions to build in this area "?
  14. Have you got stuff to work in your actual server?