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  1. wetNreckless

    Arma3server.exe has stopped working upon restart

    Just had to do this for my new Windows Server to get my servers to restart properly. Thank you for this. @dilwhop
  2. wetNreckless

    Delete objects on Roads

    So what map are you using that you are trying to do this on?
  3. wetNreckless

    Chernarus Redux Mission File w/Loot (Exile 1.0.4)

    You are such a nice person for doing this for those that cant do it themselves.
  4. I am going to start using ZCP again and would like to add my own custom bases. I know how to export in M3ditor, but willbthat export work for bases or do I need to export a different way?
  5. You will need to add that Cates class name to the config within R3F.
  6. wetNreckless

    Namalsk (Exile Version)

    So I run a Namalsk Server and have for some time. I originally got my version for myself and the server from the download section here but see now that it is gone. I have no idea when it was removed and that does not really matter. However, when a new player tries to join my server through the vanilla Arma 3 launcher, the link for the download goes to the download page on this site (and which I have already stated, no Namalsk to download). The vanilla launcher also has a link to the Arma 3 Workshop with quit a few different versions of Namalsk available for someone to choose from, all which are not the same as the one you get from A3Launcher. I did a search and found that the only place to get a legit Exile Version of Namalsk is from Armaholic or from direct download from A3launcher. So my question is this, is Namalsk going to be added back to the Download page? Or are players just going to have to find it their selves? Also, since the Exile Team has expressed in the pass about not having their content on the workshop (and I completely understand), what can be done about the bad versions being on the workshop, if anything at all? I am just wondering on this stuff and if I am wrong for asking, then I guess delete this thread. Thanks agian Exile Team and everyone else involved for doing a smashing job.
  7. wetNreckless

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    The installation instructions are on the first post and are simple to follow. What are you having trouble with?
  8. @Serpz First off I would change your command line to read like this @CUP_Terrains-Core;@CUP_Terrains-Maps;@X-Cam-Taunus; taking the spaces out of you mod names is usually the best practice that i have found. Through I did notice that you are have issues connecting to your database which might be causing your server not to launch. So my question first is, what kind of server are you running on....rent a slot or a dedicated machine? This will help me out with how to guide you on what to do next.
  9. Not sure then, post your RPT log
  10. wetNreckless

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    So does anyone know of a script or maybe how to edit this one so a player can change the lock on an already claimed vehicle if they have a new lock. I know there is a trader for that option but I do not run any traders on my servers. It would be nice for players that either steal or hotwire a claimed vehicle to be able to reclaim for themselves.
  11. So I was able to get my Taunus server working and it was something simple that I messed up in initial install. Make sure that the mission that you call for in your @exileserver\config matches your mpmission PBO. Example: exile.x-camtaunus.pbo This was what I did wrong and why I was getting this error. Exact spelling and capitalization counts in both.
  12. so what was it that you did to get it to work?
  13. wetNreckless

    Unable to Connect after Latest InfiStar Update

    yes I do, but that copy was really old and was causing problems and thats why i updated. So i cant go back to that one
  14. wetNreckless

    Unable to Connect after Latest InfiStar Update

    Thanks alot for the reply, I will try this out on next restart. I need this backup and working, my main server is running with no infistar which means no admin support.
  15. So after the most recent infiStar update that I did to my servers, all was going well until I went to update my last server. Myself and a couple other players are unable to stay connected to server. We all get a "Network Lag" warning once we connect and then we are disconnected. Not sure what is causing the problem since I have not had any issues with my other servers with infiStar but I do know that it has something to do with it since when I remove infiStar, everyone can connect and a stay connected. I have included my RPT log for anyone that would like to take a look and see if I missed something in the logs. I will admit that I am not the best at reading RPT logs, so if I missed something simple, I apologize.