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    A Visit to the Chernobyl Zone

    Yeah definitely, the map development is awesome, wandering round is stunning, it was just all server side issues with the nuclear events and conflicting mods, or so it seems based on my experience of setting up Exile servers. Like you say...not really meant for all out Exile but it was fun nonetheless, I think the guys have tried to make it work; the nuclear anomaly thing is pants-shitting the first time you hear it.

    A Visit to the Chernobyl Zone

    Yeah you're probably right...would take a dedicated modder to expand it a bit but cool nonetheless. I think the server was 30 slots but they had bugs left right and center...wasn't the usual BE restrictions but just a lot of random unexplained deaths which I suppose is right for an irradiated wasteland.

    A Visit to the Chernobyl Zone

    Hey Guys, A short video I made on the only Exile server running the Chernobyl Zone map...would love someone to do this map properly because it's awesome but the guys running this one still have a lot of bugs to iron out. Anyway hope you enjoy.
  4. Just a short video of a few of us trying out our modded server. I just want to say a big thanks to you knowledgeable folks out there who post on the forums and provide all of the answers to very specific problems, without you we would have gouged our eyeballs out long before we got our heads round Battleye restriction exceptions! Hope you enjoy... the mods we're running are Zombies and Demons, RZInfection, the Rappelling modpack and now Extended Base Mod! Plans to add more once we learn a bit more...if anyone wants to come and have a look give me a shout.

    My Life in Namalsk Part 2

    Part 2 of my adventures in Namalsk

    My Life in Namalsk

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to share a short video of my first few days in Namalsk. Hope you enjoy it.