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  1. Krussedull

    A3XAI updated?

    oki, il try again=)
  2. Krussedull

    A3XAI updated?

    so..kupilion how do i activate the HC whit the new system?
  3. Krussedull

    ZBot - BE Rcon Discord Bot

    just host it your self =)
  4. hello community, im trying to host a test server on my computer, have followed the setup instruction but cant seem to get this to work, getting stuck at the loading screen and then the server shuts down. are there any helpfull soles there who woud take a night and some teamwiwer and help me set this up?
  5. Krussedull

    Where are the sharks?

    so any progress?
  6. Krussedull

    Roaming Trader Script

    they work badley on chernarus redux, can u make this whit optional waypoints? cause we want traders and roaming trader, but they keep geting stuck at opsticales
  7. Krussedull

    Chernarus Redux Mission File w/Loot (Exile 1.0.4)

    choudent chernarus redux be added in the addons line?
  8. Krussedull

    ExAd to new XM8-app

    still cant get the xm8 to work whit stats bar app..
  9. Krussedull

    ExAd to new XM8-app

    any update on this?
  10. Krussedull

    DMS and Ryans zombies on gtx gaming server

    got them working
  11. Krussedull

    Extended Base Mod

    ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus_winter\EBM\recipes.hpp, line 0: /Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe.EBM_door_frame: Undefined base class 'Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe'
  12. Krussedull

    Include your custom objects and buildings in a server addon

    Havent been able to add custom buildings in custom pbo yet
  13. Krussedull

    Move markers to sqf?

    my sqf file whit the addons building just wont show!.. so an example on the files woude be nice
  14. Krussedull

    Move markers to sqf?

    can u show me the a3 custom, im working on getting this to work whit no luck what so ever..
  15. Krussedull

    Include your custom objects and buildings in a server addon

    i have tried every posible way to add this but it just wount show, and im not a noob in this so WHY!? is it some update in the 104 that is new to me? i have added a lot in the mission file it self and that work fine.. why arent this working?