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  1. papagramps

    Repairing Tanks Interaction Menu?

    How come the Tank class has never been added to stock mission files? Almost two years later and this info is still very useful. Thank you
  2. papagramps

    Security Help

    FYI, you need a base laptop to view the cameras
  3. papagramps

    [SOLVED] concrete base part classnames

    someone should add the above to the wiki
  4. papagramps

    [SOLVED] concrete base part classnames

    Hello, Im looking for the classnames for concrete base parts to add to a reward crate for completing a mission. I've searched and everyone keeps saying: - to look in the wiki (but there's only wood parts there) - to look in the exile server cfg file under the loot section (but concrete parts are not listed there) - to look in the mission file under config.cpp CfgExileArsenal (but concrete parts are not listed there either) Does anyone have a list of these, or do I need to go and do a bunch of work just to find the classnames? Thanks in advance! I ended up finding them and doing the work myself: _crate_item_list2 = [ "Exile_Item_ConcreteDoorKit", "Exile_Item_ConcreteDoorwayKit", "Exile_Item_ConcreteFloorKit", "Exile_Item_ConcreteFloorPortKit", "Exile_Item_ConcreteGateKit", "Exile_Item_ConcreteStairsKit", "Exile_Item_ConcreteSupportKit", "Exile_Item_ConcreteWallKit", "Exile_Item_ConcreteWindowKit" ];
  5. I was on a server the other day and when I revived my buddy, all the money he had on him had disappeared. Just thought I'd post here to add in pop tab recovery when revived if you haven't already.
  6. papagramps

    ExileZ 2

    To add to this: The zombie mission which was designed for Altis does not work, so go into fn_init.sqf and disable triggers 4 & 5 near the bottom. I assigned a trigger area for it on Mount Tanoa, but that will need to be finished later. Maybe I will have some time to create some static objects etc for the Mont Tanoa mission this week. I'm no pro, but I'll give it a shot!
  7. papagramps

    [solved] Alternate Lockers?

    For some reason, I couldn't get the desk, cash pile, laptop, and safe to spawn in via initPlayerLocal.sqf Only Niko and the chair he's sitting in worked that way. Maybe it's the desk at fault? I'll try another model and see what happens.
  8. papagramps

    [solved] Alternate Lockers?

    Almost got it! Just have the cash pile and laptop slightly sinking into the desktop still... I had to spawn them, the desk, and the safe in via mission.sqm and it doesn't seem to make a difference when I change the z coordinates. :-\
  9. papagramps

    [solved] Alternate Lockers?

    SOLVED! Turns out I had to add the addAction parts into the CfgInteractionMenus in config.cpp not sure if it's required, but I also defined "ExileClient_gui_lockerDialog_show" in CfgExileCustomCode, which is an unedited file from the original in exile_client.pbo Models loaded in via initServer.sqf
  10. papagramps

    [solved] Alternate Lockers?

    I just can't seem to get the addAction to function. Works fine if I add it in editor, just having problems trying to insert the init field code, any ideas?
  11. papagramps

    [solved] Alternate Lockers?

    unfortunately have not been able to get this to work... :-\
  12. papagramps

    I am a very angry player

    Would be nice to be able to use < or > instead of =, so you could do some balancing stuff like this: class requiredRespect { Level1 >= 0; Level2 >= 0 && Level2 < 10000; Level3 >= 0 && Level2 < 7500; Level4 >= 0 && Level2 < 5000; Level5 >= 0 && Level2 < 2500; Level6 >= 0 && Level2 < 1000; }; Then throw all your noobish high caliber weapons in Level6 and so on, pistols only at Level1! :-p Unless there's a way that I'm overlooking...?
  13. papagramps

    initserver.sqf uses a different format

    Nice! Level up!
  14. papagramps

    initserver.sqf uses a different format

    Turns out they changed a couple of the commands in initServer.sqf My guess is that it's a set up for the future Tanoa Traders config? I use: private _objects = [ ["Exile_Locker", [6824.5,7289.5,2.66],315,0,0,false] ]; { private _object = (_x select 0) createVehicle [0,0,0]; _object setDir (_x select 2); _object setPosASL (_x select 1); _object allowDamage false; _object enableSimulationGlobal false; } forEach _objects; I basicly had to change setVectorDirAndUp to setDir as well as change the "allowDamage" and "enableSimulationGlobal" lines to be able to use my old coordinates/config. Check here for info on the new format using setVectorDirAndUp if you want to start working on updating your coordinates/configs to the new format: In short, just roll back the "private _object" code at the bottom to the 9.61 version and you're good.
  15. papagramps

    [solved] Alternate Lockers?

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to use an alternate model for the lockers? I'd like to set up a banker trader so to speak using the cash desk and an NPC behind it if at all possible. Thanks in advance!