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  1. Salut Quasi toujours d active sur exile?

  2. Je comprends pas d’où sa vient mais j'ai jamais vu un truc aussi chiant
  3. Adieu.
  4. Infistar bans everyone who take a vh in my server.
  5. Ok nice, i will test this. That should fix the issue with the vehicles respawning and the marker not updating the position.
  6. @dekela Do you know how to put the marker on the vehicle and not the vehicle position? I'm thinking about making the vehicle value to 0 but having it marked on the map all time, so players can try to steal it from each others. I think it's more fun like this than if the first one to get it sell it right away..
  7. You can do that i guess _specVehicle = selectRandom ["v1","v2","v3","v4","v5"]; //sets vehicle type
  8. You don't need a script to do that. just add it to your random spawn vehicles list on your config.ccp and set a price for it. voila.
  9. No i don't So you mean there is no working fix for this ? i have a massive amount of complaints about this issue, the vehicules animation too but i guess it's the same bug ??
  10. Hi, i added the workaround from eichi on my config.ccp but no luck, the animation lag is still here. I searched the forum for answers but no luck. how did you managed to solve that issue ?
  11. Youa re obviously not using exile 3den editor. So you are wrong.
  12. I don't understand why the Exile 3den plugin is punitive like that it's so anoying.
  13. hi, i have an old name on the exile server. but i used steam to create my account (sadly) and because of that i can't change my name on the forum. Someone told me to ping @Eichi to ask if you could change my name ? if it's possible can you change it for just "Melano"? thanks in advance. love you.
  14. Je vous déconseille d'ouvrir un serveur Exile. Clairement la communauté FR a un sérieux souci. Le niveau de chougne est phénoménal. Les joueurs se plaignent constamment. Et c'est pas une image. C'est pas le cas pour tous du tout, mais la quantité de râleurs est suffisante pour niquer n’importe quelle communauté. Je pense que c'est lié au mode de jeu. Dans d'autres genres comme le milsim ou autre on ne rencontre pas autant de casses couilles. Faites ce que vous voulez mais je vous aurait prévenu.