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  1. Mine did, too... I was even in a trader zone with GodMode on and all of a sudden I was overrun with AI from missions. They couldn't kill me of course, but it made it difficult to complete the missions when the AI could be anywhere on the map.
  2. No BattleEye issues either. I'm thinking it's something to do with my local keyboard mapping. After investigating, I have this issue on any server whereas others do not. I've set/reset my standard keyboard controls to Arma 3 Apex. Seems to be what other have. Still not working. The other options on the scroll wheel work fine (e.g, flip, repair). Just lock does not work. It seems to be unique to just locking.
  3. Not being a database person, how would I back out the Exile_Database_Update_64x.sql commands without dumping and re-creating the schema? It sounds like I'll still be able to run A3 64 bit and ExtDB3 without it if I understand some of the recent posts.
  4. I don't think I'm having a DMS problem specifically but that's where it's showing up so I'll start here. Maybe it should be a new thread. I was running 64 bit Arma with ExtDB3 and a number of mods, including DMS and InfiSTAR. Problem is that when any missions that had claimable vehicle spawned in, I cannot claim the vehicle. The PIN pad displays for a fraction of a second and disappears. So I backed out mods one by one and the problem never went away. I did searches and nothing worked. In desperation, I went back to pure vanilla. I removed the DB schema, deleted Arma, deleted all mods, deleted Exile. I re-installed Arma3 from Steam. I re-downloaded the server and client files from Exilemod and installed them - this time leaving them as 32 bit. I re-created the database, ExtDB2 this time. The ONLY mod I'm now running is DMS. Everything else is as vanilla out-of-the-box as I can get. But still the PIN pad disappears as soon as it appears. I tried this entire exercise twice now, rebuilding from the ground up with fresh downloads. I'm totally at my wit's end! I have no idea what could possibly be the issue. And there are no errors or warnings in either my client or server side .RPT files.
  5. You need this mod: ArmA 2 Anims To ArmA 3 | A2ATA3
  6. If you look in your BattleEye logs, do you see a logfile called remoteexec.log? Does it also show up in there? You should be able to add something like !=" vcm_serverask " to the proper line .txt file to get rid of it. You'll have to go by the number of the restriction to figure out which line but I'm betting it's a "script restriction 0" and so should be added to the end of the second line. But regardless, that wouldn't prevent it from starting.
  7. I know this is old but I have the issue of the keypad flashing fast and disappearing. IT happens on a new vanilla server with only DMS and Infistar on it. But on a previous test, even if I don't load Infistar, it still happens. So I added the override for ExileClient_gui_keypadDialog_event_onKeyUp.sqf and tried setting the case section for 0x1C to false, and also tried commenting out the whole case section for that code. Now all it does is try to load the mission, shuts down and tries to start again in an endless loop. If not one of these options, how DO I disable it? EDIT: I took out Infistar and the same thing still happens. I can't get the server much more bare bones than that. But no luck at all. How do I get the keypad to stay on-screen?
  8. Well, I already set KCM and CMC to false. I didn't see anything in the config file that resembled a close custom menu option. How would I find that? There are no errors or warnings in either the server or client .RPT files.
  9. OK, so I deleted my entire server. Re-installed Arma3, reinstalled Exile, reinstalled Infistar, reinstalled DMS, reinstalled extDB3. Nothing else. When a mission comes up to claim a vehicle with a PIN, the keypad flashes and is gone... Now I have no idea what else could be causing the keypad to disappear so fast.
  10. Razor77 and GGWolf. I'm running ChernarusRedux on two servers and have never seen that message so I doubt it's directly related to the map.
  11. So I'm getting this - a problem that goes way back to 2015: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/222-solved-cant-unlock-vehicles/?page=1 Mine is doing as Eichi says.... If I hold the key down, the PIN pad stays there. Otherwise it disappears real fast. I saw there was once a patch by Rod Serling that supposedly fixed it but it is no longer there. If I bind custom key 1, that's a local client fix only, isn't it? That means each player would have to know to do that in order for that to work. That's unlikely to happen. Is there a global fix? And my server is up-to-date, including the latest version of Infistar but it made no difference whether Infistar was loaded or not. It didn't work either way. Is there a fix or patch?
  12. First I tried disabling each of those one by one. Still no luck. So I took out Infistar altogether and it still doesn't work. The PIN pad flashes up real fast and then closes. I'm at a loss now.
  13. OldManRix - for the first time, so did I yesterday on my test server. I was sitting in one of my trader zones and all of a sudden a lot of AI descended on me in my trader zone. They were firing at me but of course weren't able to kill me. That's the first time I've had that happen. I wonder if it was because I was the only player on and they came from a mission that spawned in at the edge of my no-mission-spawn zone. I'm just surprised they even "knew" I was there since it was still quite a distance.
  14. Apparently it has to do with the Infistar hotkeys. But I can't seem to disable or change it. If I use the default hotkey of 8, it works. And if I hold the return key down when I scroll to "lock", the PIN pad stay there so I can enter the PIN. Strange behavior but I'm not sure how to make it consistent so the scroll wheel option always works as it is supposed to.
  15. Ah, now THAT's a different story. Your first post said you couldn't spawn in so I assumed you were getting kicked or the server wouldn't start. Not seeing the spawn locations or spawning into the ground is a totally different problem. Try these for the spawning into the ground: For not seeing spawn locations, are you using any mod or script that lets you pick a location, your base, or other upon spawn-in?