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  1. KhanOnYoutube

    Bananas and zipties....

  2. KhanOnYoutube


  3. KhanOnYoutube

    Exile - Adventures of a dumbass!

    glad you all enjoyed it! always enjoy it when i make something that makes others happy.
  4. KhanOnYoutube

    Exile - Adventures of a dumbass!

    Nice! good to know who to give credit to for that, always fun when people add shit like that
  5. KhanOnYoutube

    Exile - Adventures of a dumbass!

    I love how the exile dev team added the pee command lol
  6. KhanOnYoutube

    2016 in review

    I really like to thank the exile dev team for helping create such great memories with some of the mechanics the game-mode brings to arma allowing me and my friends to do some pretty funny and ridicules things! still working on my quality, Hope you all enjoy!
  7. I at one point had to deal with a few bad admin on an exile server spawning things in for their friends and also supply such people and those who play with them with information they should not have e.g ghosting while in admin mode with esp on. Is there any way to report such persons or is it best to look for a new server? I have heard from an admin on a server I once played that they could get the admin position pulled by Infistar for doing such wrong deeds. I see it as cheating, is there any actions that can be done to combat this issue?
  8. KhanOnYoutube


    Sorry for the poor quality settings were a bit off on this one and an older video of mine, hope you all enjoy!
  9. KhanOnYoutube

    Caught Me a Duper!

    no did not see that exile had a spot for videos so put it in small talk at first
  10. KhanOnYoutube

    Exilie Server Selling ingame pop tabs allowed?!

    you know that is bullshit RHS publicly called you out for it and made you remove the mod, you are the sort that ruins the arma community with your greed and shitty codeing.
  11. I played on a poorly made server awhile ago that used a lot of copy and pasted code, some even copyrighted code from ghost gamers, and saw how the server owner screamer was directly selling ingame poptabs and other ingame content via donations and continued to do it even far after the server donations was reach, seems like he is banking off of pay to win players to line his own pockets, RHS and Bohemia have both already taken action on him for doing this while using the RHS mod but his servers are still up and has just removed RHS mod, is this allowed under exiles rules?!